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Orange County IT Services

Unstuck Your Business From IT Problems

Most businesses in Orange County spin in circles with endless IT needs, struggle with handling every tech task, get frustrated, and eventually get stuck. Top entrepreneurs do one thing differently — they address the core problem and get reliable IT services.

Business leaders understand correctly that the right IT services give their business access to one-on-one tech consultation, ongoing IT support, and skip-the-line access to industry professionals.

Your business, too, can benefit from Orange County IT services.

  • If you want to easily store and access business data and programs over the internet, you can. Just get reliable cloud solutions.
  • If you want your network monitored or fix connection problems, you no longer need to wait for a return call from your network management professional. You can redefine network support in your company.
  • Best of all, your business can get personalized IT support so that you have a never-failing technology solution.

However, how do you pick the best IT service providers in Orange County?

We’ll do a deep dive into picking a vendor, but first, let’s explore the services your business can expect.

Orange County IT services

GenIX Orange County IT Services

Like any other business, you understand the role of technology in your industry.

Your business would appreciate the value of a team of technical professionals that invest money and time in ongoing training to ensure you get the best possible IT services. Managed IT service providers give you access to such talent.

The technicians you’ll work with are already vetter for technical skill and cultural fit, making the best option for solving your remote and on-site IT problems. With managed IT services, your business can get:

  • Ongoing hardware and software audits for security, technical compatibility, and licensing
  • On-premise, hybrid, and cloud data storage and backup solutions
  • 24/7/365 onsite and remote tech support
  • Security management processes and strategies unique to your business
  • Remotes and onsite IT infrastructure layout suitable for your business operations

All you have to do is ensure you’re working with the right IT service company. You need to be certain that your network infrastructure streamlines with the demands of your growing business.

Your staff can’t afford to wait for hours for tech support. Your business deserves ever-available IT services to help your team stay productive and focused.

Co-Manage IT Services

A co-managed IT solution is the business’ best choice when there is an existing internal IT team, but your company would benefit from more control over technological assets or experienced IT professionals.

A co-managed approach allows your business to get tech services that your internal team can’t provide. Instead of replacing your entire IT team, the external IT company blends with your internal IT team to handle the complexity of IT.

The blended approach can serve your business:

  • IT networks
  • System requirements
  • Industry regulations
  • Cybersecurity
  • VOIP
  • Regular update
  • Software licenses
  • Hardware management and replacement

Unlike fully managed IT services, your business chooses which IT services to keep in-house and which one to outsource to an external team.

Co-management solution presents a unique opportunity for your business to combine an external IT company’s convenience, the latest resources and your in-house talent for maximum efficiency.

Many businesses in Orange County might need an extra workforce from an external tech company without the need to replace the entire IT department. In such cases, co-management might serve your industry best.

To establish if you need co-managed IT solutions, you’ll need to:

  • Evaluate your current IT department skills, resources, needs, abilities and tools
  • Decide on the IT services your business requires to achieve its goals
  • Identify an external IT company to supplement the services your business needs

Co-managed lT services vary from one business to another depending on your IT team’s resources, skills, and the services you need. You’ll need a reliable vendor to address your specific needs.

Onsite Support

Businesses regularly face slow networks, a lack of secure operations, and IT downtime.

After all, it only takes one insidious problem or a lurking vulnerability to cripple your business operations. When your network slows down, or you face downtime, you’ll lose productivity.

If not addressed, network problems will slowly seep into your business revenue without you even noticing. The problem gets even worse if your staff depends on offsite IT support to solve tech issues.

You’d experience more convenience if your employees had an experienced technician at their desk to help them solve IT challenges quickly so that they can continue with their daily tasks.

For that reason, companies are going for on-site IT support from highly qualified technicians. On-site IT support can help your business:

  • Improve operational efficiency because your staff will get lightning-fast responses to tech issues
  • Reduce downtime that otherwise costs your business
  • Access a team of experienced IT specialists and network engineers
  • Get continuous network maintenance for the integral technical systems
  • Reduce business reliance on full-time IT administration

Your business needs to maintain a reliable uptime to drive productivity. With a specialist resolving most technical challenges, your employees can continue operating without the fear of interruptions and costly downtime.

Help-Desk Services

Employees and clients expect business technology to be ever functional.

In case of any issue — server downtime, network unavailability, or extended power outage — a technician should be ready to address the problem as soon as possible so that workers and clients should operate as normal.

While many employees expect such a high-efficiency level, many Orange County businesses don’t guarantee it. You can make such efficiency achievable by outsourcing your IT help-desk services to help your business run smoothly and maintain high productivity levels. Plus, you’ll save your business the cost of downtime.

More importantly, you can easily address the insidious problem of losing productivity from more frequent downtime. You might not realize that your company is losing portions of your week, hours that sum to considerable productivity loss in a year.

Studies show that the average cost of IT downtime is around $6,000 or more per hour. Several hours a week of downtime can crush your business revenue with time.

To prevent downtime losses, your Orange County business needs friendly and knowledgeable help desk support to accelerate the process of problem-solving in your business.

Microsoft Support

Misplaced information, challenges in co-workers’ communication and collaboration, and lost connections with customers — there are plenty of problems your business can solve with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft presents tools that your business can utilize to provide continuous access to business data and applications, regardless of your business size.

Your business can benefit from a wide range of options for collaboration and allow your employees to fit their communication style to customer style regardless of their locations. Microsoft offers ways to secure links to business communications, information, and customer connections.

Your business needs technical experts to offer Microsoft support with services such as:

  • Microsoft Windows Server migration support, deployment, and planning
  • Microsoft Office 365 upgrades and implementations
  • Microsoft Azure cloud migration for improved cyber security and resiliency
  • Microsoft Teams deployment for co-worker communication and collaboration
  • Giving your business mastery of out-of-control documents and processes with a centralized document management tool

Microsoft provides connected network solutions that offer high security and seamless interactions for employees and customers. You might need experts to help you leverage the power of productivity for your business.

Cybersecurity Services

Regardless of the measure you’ve taken, it’s nearly impossible to be 100% confident that your IT security is impenetrable. Attackers create advanced versions of malware and viruses every day.

Your network might be relatively impenetrable today but vulnerable a month later because cyber-criminals actively create sophisticated versions of viruses to infect your system.

Such a dynamic creates the need for continuous security management. You’ll get better cybersecurity services because leaving the entire cybersecurity task to an employee is a burden.

An IT service provider can help your business handle cyber solutions like:

There are plenty of cyber security solutions you can get from an external team. Either way, the best practice is not to wait until you’re under attack to start investing in protection.

Protect your business’s cybersecurity to ensure your system stays online and available whenever your employees and clients need it.

Structured Cabling

Your business telecommunications and network infrastructure need optimized network cabling to provide the best flow of information. If you’re expanding, preparing to move, or re-engineering your Orange County business, you might need structured cabling services.

After all, old buildings have aging cables added several years ago and might have no power to transmit the mass quantity of data that needs to flow swiftly through the business. Workers and clients might not enjoy slow connections or dropped calls. The two situations can happen when your VoIP communication, digital, and other voice-based traffic on the network cannot handle the load.

You can get a high-level professional familiar with the map of your network cabling to layout the right structure. The technician will review your current business structure and attempt to formulate the next step.

While cabling might appear as a simple task to address, you need a reliable cabling structure that is fully compliant with wiring standards and industry best practices.

Cloud Solutions

Storing and accessing business data and programs over the internet helps your business reduce operating expenses and secure access to business data.

Cloud solutions allow your business to:

  • Skip buying expensive equipment
  • Lower your operating costs
  • Enhance flexibility
  • Improves scalability of your business

Moving your business operation to the cloud will help you stop worrying about system upgrades, software updates, and new hardware. Choosing a reliable cloud service provider to move your workload or applications to the cloud will handle nearly all the work for you.

At its core, cloud services help your business take advantage of the latest software and hardware. Precisely you get:

  • Unified communication gives you access to your VoIP phone system with enterprise-grade features anywhere and anytime.
  • Office 365 allows you to leverage the best productivity suite without worrying about buying the license or managing it.
  • Desktop as a service to get you access to your virtual desktop in the cloud and run them as you’d do physically anytime and anywhere
  • Back and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity regardless of what happens
  • SD-WAN to allow you to easily manage, control, and operate your WAN network for superior performance
  • Co-location services offer you a secure location for your servers and storage for additional security in case of a catastrophic event

In other words, cloud technologies redefine businesses operations in multiple ways. The cloud is also safer than on-premise resources because cloud hosts monitor security 24/7 to stop cybercriminals from interfering with your data.

Choose the Top Orange County IT Service Provider

IT service providers have kept the business world in Orange county running for decades. Today, they might be your business’s great hope for thriving and surviving the post-pandemic world.

The vendors operate in the background to maintain your company’s technology. The services you get can vary depending on your business’s technological needs. However, you need to put the right provider in place.

GenerationIX is one of the top Orange County IT service providers. For over two decades, we’ve served businesses in Orange County. We want to help you keep your organization running efficiently and smoothly. Contact us today to work with a reliable IT service partner.