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GenerationIX provides Microsoft support for organizations throughout Los Angeles. Call our Microsoft service professionals today.

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Proactive Microsoft Support For Los Angeles Businesses

Are you experiencing roadblocks in your business due to misplaced information, lost connections with customers and overall challenges with collaboration and communication? Today’s busy professionals are always on the go — and attempting to connect with a highly mobile customer base is a further complication. Providing your staff with a wide range of options for collaboration allows them to fit their communication style to customer preferences as well as their current physical location. With more companies offering flexible hours and working locations, it’s vital to offer ways for your staff to securely link to business information and connect with customers. See how Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure work together to provide continuous access to business data and applications for any size organization.

Expert Microsoft Support in Los Angeles
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Microsoft Support for Growing Los Angeles Companies

Starting with a limited infrastructure is standard operating practice for businesses, but your needs continue to gain complexity as your organization grows. With Microsoft 365 and Azure in the cloud, you’re able to rapidly scale the number of licenses that you’re utilizing, storage space, and functionality. This added degree of flexibility allows you to grow fluidly without causing an undue financial burden that you might find with traditional software solutions. With easy access to secure, trusted Microsoft solutions, your teams are able to provide customers with the next-level service that they demand.

At GenIX Technologies, our Microsoft support offerings include:

  • Microsoft Office 365 implementation and upgrades
  • Microsoft Windows Server migration support, planning, and deployment
  • Microsoft Azure cloud migration to improve data security and resiliency

We offer a wide range of services starting with strategic design to ensure that we deploy and manage a scalable infrastructure that supports the needs of your corporation.

Proactive Microsoft Support For Los Angeles Businesses

Find Out Why Hundreds Of Los Angeles Business Professionals Trust GenerationIX For Their IT Services

GenIX provides…

  • A detailed analysis of your current IT company and the work they are doing for you
  • An action plan to address operational any or all issues
  • A detailed budget and project plan

Get the clarity your organization needs to get your IT back on track. Completely risk-free, with

Microsoft is the Trusted Platform for Business

There are several choices your business could make around office productivity. When you adopt Microsoft Office 365, you’re getting much more than simply word processing and data analysis software. You’re gaining access to a world-class suite of services that includes:

  • OneDrive for secure, convenient data storage that allows you to transfer files to external clients or business partners while maintaining strict control of the content
  • Microsoft Team, providing you with a comprehensive communication system that includes VoIP telephony, efficient and secure instant messaging, and stable video conferences
  • Gain mastery of out-of-control processes and documents with the centralized document management system that’s a part of SharePoint

With Microsoft Office 365, each user is able to access the full suite of solutions on up to five devices and also gains access to web-based applications and mobile applications of the most popular productivity tools.

GenerationIX: Experts In Providing Microsoft Support For Large & Small Companies

Microsoft’s network of connected solutions provides organizations with a high degree of security and seamless interaction both internally and with external customers and vendors. See how you can leverage the power of productivity for your business today by contacting the Los Angeles Microsoft services professionals at GenIX Technologies to schedule a complimentary review of your business network and solutions.