Secure Your Cloud Server 24/7 With Our Managed SIEM Services

You can’t rely solely on set-it-and-forget-it firewalls. Trust our active 24/7 monitoring for full protection.

Why choose Generation IX for managed SIEM solutions?

Get real-time notifications whenever any unusual activity is detected on your network, and let us respond!

Hear back from a live agent in just 5 minutes if you have a cyber issue through gix IM via Slack or Teams.

Receive ongoing, on-demand cybersecurity assistance 24/7 to address any concerns you may have.

Isolate cyber threats if they appear thanks to a security team who will contain affected systems.

Prevent zero-day vulnerability attacks by counting on a network support team who can respond in 10 minutes.

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Proudly Protecting

GenIX has been a great IT partner to us as we are building a team and expanding quickly. They have supported the management of migration projects with great communication, their helpdesk response time is excellent and they are quick to respond to feedback. Overall excellent support!

Environmental Services
Client satisfaction rating
IT system monitoring
15 Min.
Average resolution time for common issues
4 Hour
Or less resolution time for major network outages

Go Beyond Basic Firewalls With Generation IX

Generation IX goes beyond basic firewalls to provide cutting-edge security through our SIEM solution. This service monitors your network in real-time, adapting quickly to active cyberattacks to ensure robust protection.

By harnessing threat intelligence from global feeds, our solution proactively responds to imminent threats such as zero-day exploits, drive-by downloads, and advanced malware that often elude traditional security measures.


Are You Managing Cybersecurity Effectively?

While there are plenty of reasons why cybersecurity is important, underinvesting in cybersecurity will cost you a lot more down the line.

The global cybercrime industry could cause damages amounting to $6 trillion in the upcoming years. Can you really afford not to invest in cybersecurity?

Organizations require a detailed, layered security strategy that enhances visibility across their networks. This approach helps in monitoring and countering malicious attacks, exploits, and insider threats effectively.

The most efficient and cost-effective way to do that is by outsourcing managed SIEM service from Generation IX.

Managed SIEM Services

Featured Managed SIEM Services

Explore how Generation IX’s managed SIEM solutions can enhance your security posture.

Proactive Blacklisting

Terminate Unwanted Communications

Dealing with unauthorized data exchanges can expose your network to malware and phishing attacks.

The average phishing attack costs businesses $1.6 million, so your best bet is to prevent one from happening.

Generation IX’s managed SIEM services monitor network traffic so we can identify and cut off malicious communication before it can cause harm.

We also use advanced blacklisting techniques to prevent any future interaction with known malicious IPs.

Managed Security Services

Leave Your Security Management to The Experts

Proper cybersecurity management takes time and effort. Both of which are things that many SMBs don’t have.

Working with Generation IX means that you’ll always have someone to do the work.

Plus, with our SIEM platform, you can rest assured that you have a strong cyber guard protecting your network at all times.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Use Offensive as Your Defensive Against Elusive Threats

Facing cyber threats exposes your organization to severe data loss and reputational harm. Protecting your assets from such vulnerabilities is crucial.

Generation IX employs cutting-edge technologies and an offensive strategy at our security operations center (SOC) to preemptively identify and mitigate threats.

Choose us for strategic protection and peace of mind.

Log Management

Keep Track of Your SIEM’s Data Logs With Ease

Effective log management is essential to leverage these logs for enhanced security.

At Generation IX, our managed SIEM services include comprehensive log management solutions that streamline the collection, analysis, and storage of your security data.

We ensure that your logs are well-organized and accessible, so you can make informed security decisions quickly.

Cloud Security

Allow Our Team to Keep a Keen Eye on Your Cloud

Securing cloud environments is challenging due to their complex and dynamic nature. Effective monitoring is crucial to detect and respond to threats promptly.

Generation IX provides comprehensive surveillance of your cloud infrastructure.

We use advanced analytics to detect unusual activity and potential threats, ensuring that your cloud remains secure against all forms of cyber risks.

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Take Your IT Security to The Next Level

At Generation IX, we proactively secure your business against cyber threats. Our integrated strategy includes unified threat management, robust malware protection, and secure VPN access.

Unified Threat Management

Our unified threat management system integrates essential security functions into a single platform. This not only strengthens your cybersecurity but also simplifies its management, helping your IT team maintain strong, effective defenses.

Secure Access & Communication

Secure your remote operations with our virtual private network (VPN) and advanced email and browser security measures. We prioritize the protection of your communications and data exchanges, so you can maintain confidentiality.

Expertise & Support

We want to feel like an extension of your team, who provides in-depth expertise and ongoing support. Our specialists ensure your IT staff are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to turn complex security challenges into manageable solutions.

SIEM Services

Did You Know There’s a Cyber Attack Every 39 Seconds?

Don’t be an easy target. Count on Generation IX to detect and respond to security threats.

Managed SIEM

Let’s Work Together Through Co-Managed SIEM Services

If you want all the benefits of managed SIEM, but want to stay in tight control over how your business does cybersecurity, you have an option.

Alongside our fully managed SIEM services, Generation IX offers a co-managed option.

In this setup, your internal IT team collaborates with our experts, so we can tailor the SIEM system to your specific needs while you still benefit from our expertise and resources.

Additionally, opting for a co-managed service facilitates knowledge transfer between our teams and yours. As a result, you’ll further enhance your in-house capabilities for now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does SIEM Stand For?

SIEM stands for security information and event management.

SIEM tools give security professionals a comprehensive view of an organization’s information technology systems by collecting, storing, and analyzing security logs from various sources within a network.

This technology helps teams detect, monitor, and respond to security threats in real time.

What is a Zero-Day Vulnerability Attack?

A zero-day vulnerability attack happens when hackers exploit a security weakness in software that the software’s creators or users have not yet discovered or fixed.

This type of attack is dangerous because there is no defense available at the time of the attack. Hackers can steal data, install malware, or gain unauthorized access to systems during this time.

What is The Difference Between SIEM & Managed SIEM?

SIEM solutions provide real-time analysis of security alerts from applications and network hardware. They collect and analyze log data to help professionals detect and respond to threats.

By comparison, managed SIEM is a service that involves the setup, management, and monitoring of SIEM systems for organizations. Such providers manage the software, analyze data, and deliver actionable insights based on key findings.

What Are The 3 Main Roles of an SIEM Platform?

The 3 key roles of an SIEM platform include the following.

  1. Log Management & Data Aggregation: collecting and storing logs from various sources for centralized analysis.
  2. Threat Detection: analyzing aggregated data to identify anomalies.
  3. Incident Response: automatically responding to detected threats with actions like alerts, triggering scripts, or integrating with other security controls.

When Can I Tell If I Need Managed SIEM to Enhance My Organization’s Cybersecurity?

You can tell you need managed SIEM services when your organization faces growing cybersecurity threats that your current team cannot manage due to lack of resources or expertise.

Managed SIEM provides 24/7 monitoring and expert threat analysis, which are crucial for identifying and responding to security threats efficiently.

Consider this service if your team is overwhelmed or lacks the necessary tools to keep up with security alerts.

Preventing Security Events is Easier Than You Think

With over 25 years of experience, you can rest assured that our security analysts understand the threat landscape.

Why trust Generation IX as your managed SIEM provider?

Reduce your risk of security incidents and implement proactive measures against emerging threats.

Protect all remote connections by working with us to implement your ideal virtual private network (VPN).

Enhance your endpoint security by monitoring all Mac devices for just $10 per user per month.

Leverage adaptive threat protection to ensure that your defenses stay one-step ahead of hackers.

Optimize your SIEM investmentby choosing our 3-year IT maintenance contract at 20% off.

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