Spot & Stop Hidden Threats With Our Vulnerability & Penetration Testing Services

Trust Generation IX’s security experts to find and patch vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them.

Why choose Generation IX for vulnerability assessments & penetration testing services?

Count on a SOC Type-2 certified team to identify vulnerabilities while protecting your data security.

Enjoy a 99.9% network uptime guarantee as a result of our proactive security controls.

Hear back from our network team in 10 minutes on average so they can solve your outage under 4 hours.

Secure all Mac devices in your network for the low cost of $10 per user per month.

Be well-prepared for a real world attack by letting our penetration testers assess your security posture.

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Proudly Protecting

GenIX has been a great IT partner to us as we are building a team and expanding quickly. They have supported the management of migration projects with great communication, their helpdesk response time is excellent and they are quick to respond to feedback. Overall excellent support!

Environmental Services
Client satisfaction rating
IT system monitoring
15 Min.
Average resolution time for common issues
4 Hour
Or less resolution time for major network outages

Why Do You Need Pen Testing & Vulnerability Assessments?

Pen testing and vulnerability scanning are key strategies to help you avoid putting your business at risk.

Individuals from remote parts of the world, and possibly even closer to home, in your own city or office, may target your secure business systems to access your database and steal sensitive customer information.

Even a minor weakness in your security program could allow cybercriminals to access and sell confidential data for thousands of dollars per record on the dark web.


Ask One of Our Experts to Be Your “Ethical Hacker”

“Hacking” originated as a term used to describe someone taking a turn off the beaten path for any process. However, today it’s almost synonymous with cybercrime.

Instead of constantly fighting off these elusive attackers, why not work with someone who understands how they work?

Ethical or “white hat” hackers fit the bill. These individuals are trained to use a hacker’s own tactics against them. They can test your network defenses to help you establish a robust strategy that works against real tactics.

Generation IX employs ethical hackers who are ready to help you protect your most sensitive data. Let us patch any entry point before it’s used.

Vulnerability and Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Solutions

Generation IX’s VAPT services provide a comprehensive range of solutions. Here is some of what we can do to help you!

Network Penetration Testing Services

Determine Your Security Risks Across Your Network

If you work in a big network, pinpointing every small possible vulnerability becomes more difficult. Plus, new ones can appear as you expand.

That’s why Generation IX’s network penetration testing service is built to scale.

Our team is well-equipped to handle huge networks and the tools we use are lightweight enough to adapt to your growing network.

Attack Simulations

Test Your Defenses Against Real Tactics

Unlike general penetration testing and vulnerability scans, attack simulations show how well your systems can handle highly targeted cyber threats.

Having this additional practice is crucial in a world where 55% of attacks are enacted by sophisticated cyber criminal groups.

Generation IX’s experts understand the tactics that these groups use to infiltrate systems. We can run “drills” of what might happen so you’ll be way ahead of the real thing.

Vulnerability Management

Prevent New Vulnerabilities From Causing New Issues

Installing the most current system updates is advisable to patch security issues.

However, it’s not impossible for a new update to cause unexpected vulnerabilities in other areas.

That means that you need more than the occasional vulnerability scan to keep up.

Generation IX’s experts can help. Alongside our quarterly reviews, we provide ongoing vulnerability management and network monitoring to ensure new issues are fixed swiftly.

Penetration Testing Consulting Services

Perfect Your Risk Management Strategy

Keeping up with evolving cybersecurity threats requires more than just occasional testing.

Without expert guidance, it’s easy to overlook subtle vulnerabilities that could jeopardize your entire infrastructure.

That’s why Generation IX pairs our penetration testing with pen testing consulting services.

Using your test results, our consultants offer tailored advice on system security, training for your teams, and help set any new security measures.

Application Security

Verify & Enhance The Security of All Your Network’s Applications

Many applications have security flaws in their designs. It’s no wonder that application exploitation is involved in 26% of all cyber breaches.

When Generation IX scans your network, we will include your applications.

We’ll check for security issues in specific apps and help you clean up superfluous apps that you don’t use.

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Full-Cycle Cybersecurity Support

Our services ensure your network remains secure by rigorously testing all connected systems and partners. We provide full-cycle penetration testing, from initial analysis to remediation and re-testing.

Initial Security Assessment

We start with a detailed evaluation of your network and associated parties to pinpoint vulnerabilities. This essential first step prepares your system for deeper testing and helps shape a stronger cybersecurity strategy.

Continuous Protection Plans

Regular testing schedules are crucial for maintaining long-term security. Our team assists in developing ongoing security protocols to guard against both external and potential internal threats.

Implementation & Support

After identifying critical vulnerabilities, we help implement robust security measures. Our support continues with a second testing phase to confirm all issues are resolved.

Vulnerability & Penetration Testing Services

Don’t Let Hidden Threats Linger Unnoticed

Instead, trust Generation IX’s high-end security team to find issues before bad actors do.

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning Services

Patch The Human Element of Your Network

Nowadays, there are many companies that can run automated security testing for your business. However, that is unlikely to reveal all of the potential vulnerabilities that a hacker would consider exploiting.

There is no automated scan that can truly detect or remediate your human vulnerabilities.

So, Generation IX also provides cyber awareness training for your teams.

Since approximately 70% to 90% of successful attacks involve social engineering tactics, we believe that your system isn’t fully patched until your team knows how to detect and respond to this type of threat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Difference Between On-Premise &

There is a significant difference between penetration testing for software and hardware.

For instance, it can be remote or cloud-based versus on-premise at your business or fully-owned facility.

The key difference is the way people are able to interact with your business systems and data. This includes how your security team protects the various entry points across your IT infrastructure.

What is The Difference Between Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning?

Penetration testing involves simulating cyber attacks to identify exploitable vulnerabilities in a system. This test is comprehensive and mimics a real-world attack to see how well a system holds up.

On the other hand, vulnerability scanning is a process that uses automated software to scan a system for known vulnerabilities. It is less intensive than penetration testing and doesn’t exploit vulnerabilities, just identifies them.

What is a Red Team & What is a Blue Team in Pen Testing?

A red team in penetration testing is a group that acts like potential attackers. Their goal is to test how well the organization can protect itself against real attacks.

A blue team defends against the red team’s attempts. They manage the organization’s defenses, detect intrusions, and respond to attacks. Their goal is to strengthen your organization’s security by identifying and fixing the vulnerabilities discovered during the test.

Are Penetration Tests a Legal Requirement?

Penetration tests are not a legal requirement for all organizations.

However, certain industries, such as finance and healthcare, might require penetration testing under regulations like PCI-DSS for payment card security, or HIPAA for health information privacy, to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

You should check with your industry-specific regulations to determine their specific requirements.

How Often Would Generation IX Check My System for Vulnerabilities?

Generation IX conducts quarterly vulnerability checks as part of our access reviews and patch management processes.

To enhance security and maintain system integrity, we also perform comprehensive system evaluations biannually.

Both of these routine assessments ensure that your system remains secure and operates at peak efficiency, and that we can address any potential vulnerabilities promptly.

Discover What 25+ Years of Experience Can Do

Since 1996, Generation IX has been helping businesses secure their systems before hackers can exploit vulnerabilities.

Why trust Generation IX for vulnerability and penetration testing services?

Rely on our extensive threat intelligence to protect your internal and external networks.

Tailor your security strategy to your biggest risks so you can optimize your overall protection.

Receive instant assistance for emergencies by connecting to experts via Slack or Team in just 5 minutes.

Strike the right balance between your needs and compliance standards like HIPAA, CCPA, and PCI.

Save 20% on an ongoing retainer by choosing our 3-year IT maintenance contract.

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