Enjoy a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee From Our Irvine Managed IT Services

Gain additional time during your day-to-day activities thanks to our help keeping your information technology in check.

Why choose Generation IX for managed IT?

Talk to a live agent when you need support in as little as 5 minutes via instant message or 10 minutes by phone.

Save on your preventive IT maintenance costs with our 20% discount on 3-year IT maintenance contracts.

Gain the highest of security standards with our SOC Type 2-certified IT-department-as-a-service.

Get expert IT assistance exactly when you need it—live agents and helpdesk services available 24/7/365.

Benefit from noticeable cost savingsby preventing expensive downtime before it even happens.

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GenIX has been a great IT partner to us as we are building a team and expanding quickly. They have supported the management of migration projects with great communication, their helpdesk response time is excellent and they are quick to respond to feedback. Overall excellent support!

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How Our IT Services Help Irvine Businesses

At Generation IX, we provide IT services that elevate Irvine businesses. We pride ourselves on honesty, transparency, and strong relationships with our clients, partners, and peers.

As your trusted partner, we address challenges directly and offer effective solutions. Drawing on our vast experience across multiple industries, we safeguard your investments and ensure a secure, reliable IT infrastructure.


Maximize Your Staff’s Efficiency

Frequent IT disruptions can severely hamper your team’s ability to work efficiently. Whenever an employee encounters an IT issue, they lose an average of 28 minutes of work. This not only slows productivity but also affects your team’s morale.

At Generation IX, we understand the importance of seamless IT operations. Our managed IT services are designed to minimize disruptions by proactively managing your IT infrastructure.

With us handling your IT in the background, your team experiences fewer interruptions. Fewer IT interruptions means less time waiting for support and more time performing their roles.

Managed IT Provider in Irvine, California

Featured IT Services in Irvine

Discover our exceptional, 24/7/365 managed IT services—all for one easy-to-manage fixed monthly fee.

Fully Managed IT

Maximize your daily productivity by entrusting your IT management to us, and experience the kind of operational excellence that skyrockets your business’ growth.

Managed Security Services

Elevate your security posture with our managed cybersecurity services ensuring robust protection and strategic tech integrations for ongoing resilience.

Technical Support

Boost your business’s efficiency with our technical support providing consistent, expert assistance for hardware, software, and IT infrastructure.

Cloud Services

Streamline your cloud computing journey with our expertise helping you ensure a seamless migration and providing continued support as you expand cloud-based usage.

Network Monitoring

Ensure smooth system operations for all users with our proactive network monitoring team managing servers for efficiency and continuous optimization.

IT Consulting

Supercharge your business strategy with our IT consultants, perfectly aligning technology solutions and investments with your core objectives.

Business Continuity

Minimize IT downtime in the face of a major outage with a responsive network support team that can get you back up and running within 4 hours.

vIT Manager

Bolster your technology efficiency with a vIT manager, managing personnel, streamlining workflows, and aligning your IT with compliance standards.

Patch Management

Level up your system’s cybersecurity with our proactive quarterly patching and reviews that ensure peak performance and data integrity.

Get The Help You Need No Matter When You Need It

When your IT support is off the clock, every minute of downtime feels like an eternity. This scenario, though common, is both avoidable and costly.

With Generation IX, this problem disappears. Our 24/7/365 IT support ensures you’re always covered, no matter when you need help.

Plus, in 2022, 60% of employees reported working with colleagues across 2 to 5 different time zones. That means one employee’s day could be another’s after-hours.

With Generation IX, all hours are work hours, ensuring no one on your team gets left behind.

Managed IT Services in Irvine, CA

Generation IX
Managed IT Services in Irvine, CA

Empower Your Business With Advanced Automation

Harness the power of business automation to streamline communication, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs. Our expert solutions tailor to your unique needs, ensuring efficient workflows and higher service quality.

Streamline Processes & Communication

Leverage cloud-based automation and collaboration tools to unify remote and onsite teams. Generation IX offers custom solutions that help businesses overcome communication barriers and collaboration challenges.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Cut unnecessary costs and improve your service quality with our tailored workflow solutions. From managing POs and invoices to handling contracts, our services are designed to minimize manual processes and free up your team.

Secure Mobile Device Management

Protect your network with our advanced mobile device management solutions. We streamline security measures to guard against threats, ensuring your business operations are secure while keeping device management simple and effective.

Managed IT Services in Irvine, CA

It’s Time to Drop The Old Break-Fix Model

Choose an IT provider that believes prevention is better than the cure.

managed IT partner Irvine

Enjoy a More Consistent Cost Structure

Predicting your IT budget, including software and hardware maintenance, is a significant challenge.

Many variables make budgeting for future needs difficult, often leading to unexpected requests for more funds to cover IT expenses before the year ends.

When you work with Generation IX, you benefit from a predictable pricing structure. We help spread the cost of large purchases over time, making it easier to manage your budget without surprise expenses.

Partnering with us means protecting your budget from unnecessary, unexpected IT costs.

Our Other IT Services in Irvine

Looking for more? See what other tech services we offer in Irvine!

Streamline Operations With Expert IT Services in Irvine

Ensure your in-house IT team can focus on new projects rather than routine tasks. By partnering with Generation IX, you’ll free up your brightest minds to think bigger and drive innovation.

Elevate Your Business Technology

Discover how the right IT partner can differentiate your business from your competitors. By relying on our expertise, your team can shift their focus to expanding your business and improving customer experiences.

Enhance Your IT Operations

Evaluate whether your current technology is fully benefiting your business. If it’s not, count on Generation IX to help you procure new solutions that will.

Trust in Our Proactive IT Strategies

Your business deserves a reliable IT partner focused on creating a secure and proactive environment. Our approach involves working closely with your team to develop a tailored technology services strategy.

Managed Services in Irvine: Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will it Cost to Get Managed IT Services From Generation IX?

The cost of managed IT services from Generation IX varies based on:

  • The number of users
  • The age of your equipment
  • The complexity of your IT system
  • The required level of security

To help you get a rough estimate, we provide a Managed IT Services Calculator on our website. However, since every business has unique needs, we tailor our final pricing accordingly.

For the most accurate quote, we encourage you to directly contact us.

Why Should I Hire Generation IX When I Already Have an IT Department?

Hiring Generation IX to complement your internal IT department offers numerous advantages.

Our managed IT services provide specialized expertise, access to the latest technology trends, and additional resources for large projects or peak demand periods.

This collaboration enables your IT department to concentrate on strategic initiatives and core business operations, while we take care of the day-to-day IT tasks and challenges.

I’m Planning to Move Offices Soon. Will This Affect Our Engagement?

Generation IX’s onboarding process typically spans 2 to 4 weeks. Our comprehensive process ensures we fully grasp your needs so that we can offer the best long-term service.

We conduct detailed interviews with power users during this period to deeply understand your business processes.

By taking the time to thoroughly understand your operations, we ensure that our support aligns perfectly with your needs.

How Long Does Generation IX’s Onboarding Process Take?

Generation IX’s onboarding process typically spans 2 to 4 weeks. Our comprehensive process ensures we fully grasp your needs so that we can offer the best long-term service.

We conduct detailed interviews with power users during this period to deeply understand your business processes.

By taking the time to thoroughly understand your operations, we ensure that our support aligns perfectly with your needs.

Will Changing Managed IT Providers Cause Any Work Disruptions?

Switching managed IT providers should not lead to significant work disruptions. The only possible disruption may occur while updating and implementing new tools and security platforms, as this process typically requires system reboots.

These reboots often represent overdue maintenance tasks that we can schedule for after hours to minimize their impact on your work.

Ensure Each Technology Decision Enhances ROI

Leverage our strategic guidance and trust our expert IT management to help you make the most of every investment.

Why is Generation IX your ideal managed IT partner?

Pass IT audits with ease using our dedicated professional support.

Secure each Mac user for only $10 per user per month with our Apple endpoint security plan.

Talk to us about IT solutions that drive specific business results.

Receive expert management for Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Google, and Adobe licenses.

Count on our expertise in cloud-based and on-premises solutions to enhance flexibility.

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