San Jose Managed IT Services

With all your information technology running smoothly, other business operations come a little easier.

Avoid Recurring IT Issues—When We Solve Them in as Little as 15 Minutes!

With our help, there will be no reason why technical difficulties should bring your workday to a halt.

Why choose Generation IX for managed IT?

  • Enjoy 24/7 support services from agents who answer in 5 minutes via instant message or 10 minutes by phone
  • Mitigate major network outages with the help of a team who can get everything back up in 4 hours
  • Save 20% on our 3-year IT maintenance contracts to lower your IT infrastructure and upkeep costs
  • Get best-in-class data protection with our SOC Type 2-certified team protecting your critical data
  • Gain consistent peak system performance with preventive maintenance and our expert quarterly reviews

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Featured IT Services

Full IT Management

Streamline your operations with our full IT management service, offering insights gained from diverse industries to elevate your business efficiency.

Technical Support

Enhance your operational efficiency by leveraging our technical support team’s expertise in hardware, software, and IT infrastructure.

Managed Security Services

Secure your future with our managed security services team providing robust protection and strategic technology integrations for resilient operations.

Cloud Services

Simplify your move to cloud-based solutions with our expert consulting, ensuring a seamless migration and continuous support post-transition.

Network Monitoring

Maximizes efficiency with proactive network monitoring, remotely managing servers for smooth operations through continuous optimization.

IT Consulting

Transform your business with our strategic IT consulting, aligning technology solutions perfectly with your core objectives for optimal growth.

vIT Manager

Get more from your technology with a vIT Manager, optimizing workflows, overseeing personnel, and ensuring your IT aligns with compliance requirements.

Business Continuity

Ensure seamless business continuity and disaster recovery with tailored tools from industry-leading vendors, meticulously chosen just for you.

Vendor Management

Streamline your IT procurement process with our vendor management services, ensuring efficient hardware and software deployments tailored to your business.

Generation IX
Managed IT Services in San Jose, CA

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How Generation IX Helps You Achieve Your Business Goals

Work With In-Depth Experts – Not Surface-Level Novices

Hiring just one or two IT generalists might seem like a cost-effective solution. Still, it often leads to a team that can manage various tasks without truly excelling in any.

This approach can limit your company’s ability to tackle specialized challenges effectively.

With Generation IX, you can access a team of seasoned experts, each specializing in different technology areas.

Our experts not only solve your immediate digital challenges but also position your business for future success.

Our approach keeps you ahead of technological trends, giving your company a competitive edge.

San Jose Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services in San Jose, CA

Don’t Sweat Your Next Compliance Check

Facing IT audits can stir worries about disruptions and the need to meet strict compliance standards. Considering 91% of companies must follow a compliance regulation, this is a widespread concern.

With Generation IX, navigating IT audits becomes a hassle-free process. We conduct in-depth interviews with your power users to understand your business processes fully. 

This allows us to implement security measures that fit seamlessly with your workflows.

Not only will you pass your audits easily, but you’ll also benefit from having a dedicated IT professional to liaise with auditors on your behalf.

Keep Your Technology Tools A Little More Organized

Managing IT assets, from hardware to software licenses, is a daunting task. With 43% of businesses still relying on spreadsheets, the process is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. 

At Generation IX, we streamline the management of your technology tools. We take over the acquisition and tracking of IT hardware and software, ensuring your assets are always up to date and accounted for. 

Our service covers critical licenses for essential platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Google, and Adobe.

Embrace our streamlined solution and say goodbye to the cumbersome task of tracking your technology assets manually.

Managed IT Services in San Jose, CA

Focus on Core Operations, Not on Keeping Your Tech in Check

Get more out of every workday by leaving all your tedious technology tasks to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will it Cost to Get Managed IT Services From Generation IX?

The cost for Generation IX’s managed IT services varies based on:

  • The number of users
  • The age of your equipment
  • The complexity of your IT system
  • The required security level

For a rough estimate, check our Managed IT Services Calculator. However, for precise pricing based on your specific IT needs, reach out to us directly.

Why Should I Hire Generation IX When I Already Have an IT Department?

Hiring Generation IX alongside your internal IT department offers multiple benefits. We bring specialized expertise, access to tech trends, and extra resources for big projects or peak demand times.

We also bring a fresh perspective. Having this fresh perspective could give you new insights into new ways to optimize how you work.

This partnership lets your IT team focus on strategy and core tasks while we handle daily IT challenges.

What Industries Does Generation IX Support?

We can support anyone in any industry; we don’t have any limitations. We have experience working with private equity, law firms, architecture, and start-ups, but we certainly aren’t limited to that.

Whether or not we’ve worked with another client in your industry doesn’t matter. We focus on treating every business as an individual. No two businesses in the same industry are alike, and we won’t assume all their needs are.

Are We Too Small For Managed IT Services?

Your company’s size doesn’t determine suitability for managed IT services. Small and medium businesses benefit greatly from gaining access to the latest technologies.

Managed IT ensures your systems stay updated, secure, and effective, freeing you to focus on business growth. In many ways, SMBs have the most to gain from a partnership.

I’m Not a Tech Savvy Person, How Would I Know What I Need?

To know what you need, you don’t have to be tech-savvy. Simply share your business requirements with us, and we’ll leverage technology to meet them.

While we’re delighted to explain the technical aspects if you’re interested, understanding them isn’t mandatory to benefit from our solutions. We can take care of all the “geeky” stuff for you.