IT Issues Happen 24/7 – So Our Los Angeles IT Helpdesk Service is 24/7 Too

You can count on Generation IX to address and resolve your IT issues no matter when they happen.

Why choose Generation IX as your IT helpdesk?

Spend less time waiting for answers thanks to a helpdesk team with an average resolution time of 15 minutes.

Instantly connect to live agents over Slack or Teams by integrating gix IM into your accounts.

Hear back from our network support agents within 10 minutes so they can solve your outage in under 4 hours.

Receive the IT support you need whether you’re using Windows or Mac devices.

Keep track of your helpdesk ticket’s status by watching its progress over gix engage.

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Proudly Supporting

GenIX has been a great IT partner to us as we are building a team and expanding quickly. They have supported the management of migration projects with great communication, their helpdesk response time is excellent and they are quick to respond to feedback. Overall excellent support!

Environmental Services
Customer satisfaction rating
Service desk availability
10 Min.
Average response times by phone
5 Min.
Average response times over gix IM

Boost Productivity With Technical Helpdesk Services in Los Angeles

IT downtime is one of the most costly issues that can happen to your business.

What’s worse is that this is an insidious issue: you might not even realize that you’re losing a significant portion of each week to IT downtime!

However, when you partner with Generation IX as your IT helpdesk, you can say goodbye to all that downtime.

Our support team’s focus is on solving issues quickly and preventing them from re-emerging so you can use every hour of every work day to its fullest.


Friendly, Knowledgeable Support That Accelerates Issue Resolution

There’s no need to call an offsite person, wait on hold or trudge through a series of low-level technicians before your problems are addressed.

When you work with Generation IX, all you need to do is call our service desk team to get the help you need. Having this single point-of-contact will ensure that you can start solving your problems sooner.

We employ technicians from Tier 1 to Tier 4. So, our ticketing system will match your request with the right tier for your needs. That means you’ll connect to the friendly expert who can provide the right support on round one.

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Featured Helpdesk Support Services

Generation IX offers a wide range of support services to ensure you get the level of support that you need.

Ticket Management

Control Your Support Ticket Volume

The average company deals with 17,630 support tickets per month. That high volume can distract any of your in-house IT specialists or leave them feeling overwhelmed.

Offload that burden with Generation IX. We can help your support agents organize any tickets you receive and work alongside them to solve them efficiently.

gix IM

Instant Access to Your IT Helpdesk

On average, employees lose 28 minutes of work waiting for support every time they need help.

Generation IX doesn’t want to see your team sinking precious work hours. So, we offer a rapid instant message helpdesk that you can integrate into Slack or Teams.

All an employee needs to do is send a message over Slack or Teams to hear back from a live agent in just 5 minutes.

gix engage

AI-Powered Helpdesk Ticket Triage

Navigating through various IT support channels can often be cumbersome, leading to delays when you urgently need solutions.

Generation IX introduces gix engage to streamline this process.

Our platform employs artificial intelligence for intelligent ticket triage and AI process automation, ensuring that IT solutions are effectively and promptly distributed within your environment.

Secure Ticket Handling

Secure Support Desk Services

Your IT systems may hold sensitive data, so you need to be sure that you can trust the technicians who enter your network to provide support.

Generation IX provides those trustworthy technicians.

Our team is SOC Type-2 certified and we consistently train everyone who will handle your data on cybersecurity best practices.

Streamlined Service

Make The Whole Process a Lot Smoother

Most helpdesks take 20.5 hours to open a new ticket. The reason for this delay is simply because too many IT helpdesks lack a structured ticketing system.

Generation IX is not one of those helpdesks. Our ticketing system is highly structured so we can streamline the process and get to every request faster.

That means that your urgent issues are always treated with urgency.

Generation IX
IT Helpdesk in Los Angeles, CA

An Efficient IT Helpdesk For Efficient LA Businesses

Our IT helpdesk ensures that your team continues working without delays. You get direct access to our knowledgeable technicians, who quickly address any issue you might face.

Immediate Support

Our unique helpdesk process stands out in the Los Angeles area by providing your teams with immediate access to technical professionals.

Proactive Service

At Generation IX, we understand the fast-paced nature of your business. Our approach ensures your support is always a step ahead of issues and ready to leap into action the moment you need assistance.

Expert Technicians

Our friendly, expert technicians are a call, email, or instant message away, and they’re equipped to swiftly resolve issues in a way that ensures your team experiences minimal interruptions.

Los Angeles IT Helpdesk

95% of Organizations Face Unexpected Downtime

But when you work with Generation IX, any unplanned downtime you face won’t last.

Helpdesk Services in Los Angeles

Technically Sound Solutions That Match Your Business Needs

You have a lot of options when it comes to technology, and every IT issue has a lot of possible solutions. You need to be sure that your IT solutions aren’t interfering with how you do business.

Generation IX wants to give you that certainty. That’s why we begin our engagements by interviewing our clients’ power users and conducting a business case evaluation.

Using these insights, we then train our helpdesk staff on your specific needs. This way, they can always provide technically sound solutions that seamlessly fit into your operations.

Our Other IT Services in Los Angeles

Our IT helpdesk resolves your technical difficulties, but we can also help prevent them from happening!

Frequently Asked Questions

I Have a Small Budget; Does It Make Sense to Outsource My IT Helpdesk?

Many times, outsourcing your IT helpdesk will be much less expensive than hiring a full-time IT employee.

Rather than paying a salary and benefits, businesses who choose to outsource Generation IX pay a simple flat monthly fee to get high-end helpdesk services and more.

We’ll work with you so that you understand the ROI and we pride ourselves on full-cost transparency.

What’s The Difference Between an IT Helpdesk & IT Support?

An IT helpdesk is a specific resource that organizations use to provide their users immediate assistance and problem resolution, often regarding software issues, login problems, and hardware troubleshooting. It primarily focuses on quick fixes and user interaction.

On the other hand, IT support encompasses a broader range of services that include managing IT infrastructure, implementing technology solutions, and providing strategic IT guidance alongside troubleshooting services.

What Do You Mean by Tier 1 to Tier 4 IT Helpdesk Technicians?

Each helpdesk tier represents a different level of technical knowledge and problem-solving ability.

  • Tier 1: These are the first-line support technicians. They handle basic issues.
  • Tier 2: Technicians at this level deal with more complex issues that Tier 1 cannot resolve.
  • Tier 3: These are expert-level technicians who handle advanced troubleshooting.
  • Tier 4: Highly specialized consultants who handle issues beyond the organization’s expertise.

We Are Interested in Generation IX’s Managed IT Services, Will The IT Helpdesk Cost Extra?

Our IT helpdesk is included with our managed IT service level agreement (SLA). That means that if you pay for one of our managed IT service packages, you’ll get access to our helpdesk at no additional cost.

The reason we set it up this way is because we understand that IT support for technical difficulties is required for anyone who uses IT on a daily basis.

I Need Help Now, Where Can I Find It?

If you are a current client requiring immediate assistance, please contact us via gix IM on Teams or Slack, call us at (424) 383-6994, send an email to [email protected], or reach out to our emergency after-hours support at (310) 477-4441.

If you are not yet a client, please call (424) 383-6994 to discuss your needs and start the onboarding process.

Looking for Technical Support Now?

Work with a helpdesk team that treats IT service as customer service and see the difference that can make!

Why contact Generation IX for helpdesk support?

Speak to tech support experts who deliver solutions in straightforward language so you can put them into action.

Start benefiting from your new IT helpdesk fast thanks to our in-depth 2-4 week onboarding process.

Save 20% on your IT support services when you opt for our 3-year IT maintenance contract.

Preserve your data integrity by trusting support technicians who understand HIPAA and CCPA.

Discover why over 2,000 users (and counting!) rely on Generation IX for their IT helpdesk support.

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