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Our IT consultants have extensive experience, so there’s a good chance we already have an answer to your problem.

Why choose Generation IX for IT consulting?

  • Receive ongoing IT consulting for less by opting for a 3-year IT maintenance contract at a 20% discount
  • Count on our team 24/7/365 to quickly provide reliable assistance whenever needed
  • Hear back from a live agent within 5 minutes via instant message or 10 minutes by phone if you have a question
  • Leverage detailed expertise based on the highest security standards from SOC Type 2-certified consultants
  • Use the latest technologies but make sure they’re implemented in a way that fits business operations

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The Benefits of IT Consulting Services from Generation IX

Don’t Waste Time or Money on Tech Solutions That Don’t Fit

Finding the right IT solutions for your business can be hard. With new technologies popping up, spending on trends that don’t support your main business goals is easy.

Generation IX steps in to clear up the confusion. We focus on finding IT investments that align with your business objectives.

Our approach saves you from unnecessary spending, ensuring every dollar spent on technology drives your business forward.

Beyond identifying effective solutions, our team also looks for ways you can achieve long-term improvements. Let us help you make informed decisions that truly pay off.

IT Consulting Firm in Culver City
IT Consulting Services in Culver City

Streamline Your Software Upgrades

Keeping your software up to date is crucial for protecting against security threats. Yet, only 54% of computer users update their systems promptly when notified. 

Many users delay updates because they don’t understand their benefits or fear downtime that might hurt productivity. 

Generation IX understands these concerns. We can perform your software updates outside your busiest hours. 

Our team also has the expertise to identify which updates are vital for your security and performance and which are optional. 

This approach ensures you get the necessary updates without interrupting your work or wasting resources on unimportant changes.

Discover Operational Inefficiencies & Let Us Help You Fix Them

Understanding what your IT system might lack is crucial. Without clear insights, hidden inefficiencies can slow you down, increase costs, and prevent growth.

Generation IX can make the unknown known. We’l thoroughly analyze your IT infrastructure and deliver a detailed report.

This report highlights system gaps and outlines necessary improvements. We provide a detailed plan in writing based on our findings, so you can hold us accountable for making these enhancements.

With Generation IX, you invest in technology that grows with your business. We help you make informed decisions that result in long-term operational improvements.

IT Consulting

Make The Most of Every Dollar Spent on Every IT Investment

Our IT consultants are great at pinpointing what you need to drive results and helping you make that happen.

Featured Consulting Services

Deliver More Technology Projects On Time & Within Budget

Staying on time and within budget is a significant challenge, especially when unexpected problems arise. Yet, only 23% of organizations have an established project management strategy. 

Generation IX can help you out of that situation. Our team of IT consultants partners with you to ensure your projects stay on track and within budget. 

We’ll design a clear project roadmap and address potential issues early to avoid delays and increase team transparency.

Simplify Cloud Computing Right From The Migration

Moving to the cloud involves balancing data security with accessibility. However, that can be a tall order without expert help. Going too far in one direction will inevitably compromise the other.

At Generation IX, we simplify your move to the cloud. Our cloud consulting services promise a smooth transition, so you can ensure your cloud environment is secure and accessible for all users.

We’ll also support you post-migration to assist with updates or any technical difficulties.

Set a Realistic Plan to Reach Your IT Goals

Even with a solid vision, not knowing the next steps can halt progress and cap your potential. This lack of direction often leads to missed objectives.

When you partner with Generation IX, we’ll use your expertise in your field to develop a technology plan that advances your vision.

Our knowledge of technology allows us to craft an IT strategy that is technically sound and aligns with your end goals. Our tailored approach also ensures your IT strategy is practical to implement.

Stay One Step Ahead of Emerging Security Threats

Staying ahead of security threats is critical. Identifying these vulnerabilities is the first step to safeguarding your operations.

Generation IX can conduct detailed security audits to pinpoint your biggest risks. Together, we’ll develop a cybersecurity plan that protects you from what is most likely to target your business.

Our knowledge of the latest threat trends helps your team stay prepared and protected. With our support, you can ensure your business remains secure now and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is The Best Time To Hire an IT Consulting Company?

The best time to hire an IT consulting company is when your team dedicates too much time to technical issues or lacks the expertise to address your IT challenges.

In such situations, an IT consulting company can provide the specialized knowledge and solutions your business needs to overcome these obstacles efficiently.

How Much Would It Cost To Get IT Consulting From Generation IX?

The cost of getting IT consulting from Generation IX depends on several key factors:

  • Number of users
  • Age of your equipment
  • Complexity of your IT system
  • Desired security level

We provide a Managed IT Services Calculator on our website for a rough estimate. We recommend contacting us directly for a precise quote tailored to your specific needs.

Will Generation IX Replace My IT Department?

Generation IX does provide a unique IT Department-as-a-Service offer that lets you use us as your IT department. However, that’s not the only way to benefit from our services.

If you already have a trusted in-house team, we can work alongside them. Our consultants can lend them a hand or provide a fresh set of eyes on your IT system to detect improvements.

If I’m Not Tech-Savvy, How Can I Tell Your IT Consultants What To Do?

If you’re not tech-savvy, you don’t need to worry about directing our IT consultants with technical instructions. Just share your business needs and goals with us.

Understanding what you want to achieve in your business allows us to identify and implement the right technological solutions.

While we can explain how our IT solutions work if you’re interested, you don’t need in-depth technical knowledge to fully benefit from our services.

What Role Does IT Consulting Play in Enhancing Customer Satisfaction?

IT consulting significantly enhances customer satisfaction by guiding businesses in selecting and using technology that streamlines operations, improves communication, and enhances service delivery.

By collaborating with us to implement these solutions, your team can provide better service, directly boosting customer experiences.

Our expertise ensures your business uses technology effectively to exceed customer expectations, foster loyalty, and drive satisfaction.