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Why choose Generation IX for managed IT in Culver City?

  • Work with experienced IT professionals all for one easy fixed monthly fee that covers all services
  • Get phone support in just 10 minutes through our efficient managed IT support service
  • Leverage minimal downtime with our 4-hour network outage resolution commitment
  • Enjoy quarterly system reviews and patching to maintain high security and performance
  • Try our long-term IT maintenance agreement for 20% off when you choose a 3-year contract

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Featured IT Services

IT Management
Streamline your business operations with our IT management focusing on the IT fundamentals and setting a new standard for operational excellence.
Managed Security Services
Fortify your business with our managed security services offering robust protection and strategic tech integrations for future-proof operations.
Technical Support
Boost your operational efficiency with our technical support team offering expert assistance for hardware, software, and IT infrastructure.
Network Monitoring
Maximize efficiency with our proactive remote monitoring and management of your servers, ensuring smooth operations through continuous optimization.
Cloud Services
Simplify your cloud migration, leverage our expert consulting to ensure a seamless transition and enjoy ongoing support post-migration.
Vendor Management
Optimize your IT procurement process with our vendor management services facilitating efficient hardware and software deployments for your business.
IT Consulting
Transform your business strategy with our strategic IT consultants, who can perfectly align technology solutions with your core business objectives.
vIT Manager
Empower your technology with a vIT manager overseeing personnel management, optimizing workflows, and aligning your IT with compliance requirements.
Patch Management
Enhance your system’s security and integrity thanks to our team actively reviewing and patching systems quarterly to ensure peak performance.

Generation IX
Managed IT Services in Culver City, CA

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How We Help You Meet Your Business Goals

Pass Your IT Audits With Little to No Business Interruptions

Navigating IT audits can lead to worries about operational disruptions and needing strict compliance standards. The challenge lies in maintaining productivity while ensuring your systems meet the mark.

We at Generation IX are experts in helping businesses pass IT audits with little to no interruption.

Our approach includes in-depth interviews with power users to deeply understand your business processes. We then implement necessary security measures that align with your workflows, offering support for both Windows and Mac.

With us, you’ll not only pass your audits but also have a dedicated IT professional to liaise with auditors.

managed IT in Culver City
Managed IT Provider in Culver City, California

Enjoy Cost-Effective IT Upgrades That Drive Results

Upgrading IT systems often comes with high costs and uncertainty about new technologies. This is usually because the ROI of an upgrade is unclear.

Generation IX can make the ROI of every investment obvious. The average business spends 6.9% of their revenue on IT, so we want you to be sure that every dollar is going to good use.

We understand the concerns about the cloud and offer a balanced approach with expertise in cloud-based and on-premises solutions, providing reassurance and flexibility.

If you aren’t sure, talk to us about which IT solutions will drive which business results – and we’ll demonstrate exactly how.

Never Lose Track of Your Technology Assets

Keeping track of IT assets, from hardware like laptops and workstations to software licenses, can be overwhelming. With 43% of businesses still using spreadsheets for this task, the process is time-consuming and prone to errors.

At Generation IX, we offer a streamlined solution for managing all your technology assets.

We handle the acquisition and tracking of IT hardware and software, including critical licenses for platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Google, and Adobe.

This service frees you from the cumbersome task of spreadsheet management.

Culver City Managed IT

Discover What Information Technology Can Truly Do

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will it Cost to Get Managed IT Services From Generation IX?

The cost of getting managed IT services from Generation IX depends on several factors, including:

  • The number of users
  • The age of your equipment
  • The complexity of your IT system
  • The required level of security

To provide a rough estimate, we offer a Managed IT Services Calculator on our website.

However, final pricing is tailored to each business’s needs. For the most accurate quote, we encourage you to contact us directly.

What is gix IM?

gix IM provides immediate IT support through Slack or Microsoft Teams, ensuring users receive assistance within 5 minutes.

This service is designed to integrate seamlessly with client environments, offering convenience and efficiency.

By utilizing gix IM, you can quickly get the help you need without disrupting your workflow, making it an ideal solution for businesses looking for fast and reliable IT support.

What is gix engage?

gix engage is a service designed to enhance IT health and the executive experience by leveraging technology leadership and innovation.

It incorporates artificial intelligence for ticket triage and utilizes robotic process automation to distribute IT solutions efficiently within client environments.

This approach ensures that IT issues are addressed promptly and effectively, improving overall system performance and user satisfaction.

Why Should I Hire Generation IX When I Already Have an IT Department?

Hiring Generation IX to work alongside your internal IT department can bring several benefits.

Our managed IT services can complement your team’s efforts by providing specialized expertise, access to the latest technology trends, and additional resources for large projects or to handle peak demand periods.

This partnership allows your IT department to focus on strategic initiatives and core business operations while we manage the day-to-day IT tasks and challenges.

I’m Planning to Move Offices Soon. Will This Affect Our Engagement?

Moving offices will not affect our engagement or the quality of service we provide.

We can help you manage the setup and removal of user accounts and devices to ensure a smooth transition for your employees.

Our team is equipped to handle the logistics of your IT infrastructure during the move, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your business operations continue seamlessly.