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We provide aggressive cyber security procedures and our experts are dedicated to keeping your Los Angeles company safe. Protecting your business is our top priority at Generation IX Technologies.

GenIX Provides Cybersecurity Services & Cybersecurity Consulting In Los Angeles

Technology is an integral part of innovation and drives the digital transformation of your business. Each step your teams take towards a more digital future adds complexity to your infrastructure. Likewise, potential security weaknesses increase. Allow the leading cyber security company in Los Angeles to take care of your web protection. The 2018 State of Cybersecurity in Small and Medium-Sized Businesses study from the Ponemon Institute contains some alarming statistics. According to the results, nearly 70% of businesses will experience a cyberattack or data breach. What’s more frightening is that 48% of these same businesses are not confident in their ability to repel a cyberattack. Moreover, they do not understand the steps required to repair their IT security and restore business operations. Currently, the number of ransomware and phishing attacks continues to increase. Therefore, companies are trying to find the right mix of tools and expertise to provide cybersecurity services for their Los Angeles businesses. Unfortunately, there is a massive shortage of qualified cybersecurity technicians in LA. Similarly, the lack of IT security professionals exists worldwide. Unsurprisingly, companies are turning to IT-managed service providers to find cyber security services in Los Angeles and throughout the country.

Proactive Cyber Security Services & Support Can Save Your Los Angeles Business

Many organizations count on every customer. Consequently, businesses can quickly find themselves in trouble if there are severe failures in their operations. Nearly 70% of businesses cannot recover after a significant data breach or cybersecurity attack. Creating a proactive cyber security posture for your company in Los Angeles is extremely important. At GenIX Technologies, we work with your team to define 360-degree protection, including:

  • Antivirus and anti-malware software protection
  • Next-generation network firewalls
  • Cybersecurity training and best practices for staff members
  • Secure cloud-based, hybrid, or local data storage solutions
  • Active network monitoring and analysis
  • WiFi and network security

These components are all supported by technical security professionals that are continually focused on growing their body of knowledge around cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Solutions For Businesses Across Los Angeles

Working with your IT services team can help identify possible challenges. Furthermore, it helps make decisions about incorporating technology and other partners. It will protect your business in the future. Companies grow organically, leading to multiple integrations with partners or customer touchpoints. Each of them can be a weakness for your business. Creating an audited overview of the various data storage locations assists compliance reporting and data privacy. Also, it helps identify and remediate any potential weaknesses in your cybersecurity posture. Don’t leave your company’s IT security to chance. Cybercriminals are not backing down. They aren’t taking breaks from their attempts to attack small to mid-size businesses. The long-term success of your business must have the best possible tools, processes, and procedures. They will help reduce the possibility of losing your business in an attack. Contact the professionals at Generation IX Technologies today at or via email to to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and learn more about the options we provide for cyber security services in Los Angeles. Cyber Security Services Company in Los Angeles

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