Protect Your Business Technology with Proactive Solutions from Sophos

Are you confident that every endpoint of your network is fully secure? If not, you could be running the risk of serious damage to your Los Angeles business -- and your reputation.

Security – Sophos Support In Los Angeles

If data breaches are your biggest nightmare, then you would not want to be this company right now. They recently discovered a data breach that happened in the past — nine years in the past, to be exact! Imagine going to your clients and informing them that their personal or financial information had been exposed to cybercriminals nearly a decade ago. Recovering from that type of devastating incident will not happen quickly and it is likely to be expensive, too. Fortunately, the security experts at Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles Technologies have teamed up with Sophos to provide clients with best-in-class endpoint protection, firewalls and cloud security that include artificial intelligence for unmatched defense against malware, ransomware and direct attacks.

World-Class Security for Your Business

Throughout the cybersecurity world, Sophos is a brand known for excellence in active digital security. You can no longer afford weak links in your network security, which is why Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles technicians customize Sophos solutions for the unique needs of each of our clients. From next-generation firewalls that utilize machine learning to protect your networks to individual endpoint protection, Sophos solutions help build an impermeable fortress around your business data and applications.

Adopting Aggressive Cybersecurity Strategies

At Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles Technologies, our team isn’t content to sit back and wait for a data breach or other attack before acting to protect your business. Instead, we are aggressively taking the fight to the hackers, with:

  • Unified threat management
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure remote access
  • Email and browser security
  • Malware and antivirus protection
  • Mobile device management and more

While this could all seem extremely complex for internal IT teams to administer, the team at Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles will be with you each step of the way. Our on-site consultants will come to feel like a part of your extended team, with a powerful network of subject-matter experts at Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles providing them with additional knowledge and insight — all targeted at protecting your business.

Are you ready for the next-level support offerings that will help protect your business — and your reputation? Contact the security professionals at Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles Technologies today at (310) 477-4441 or via email to to see how we are providing IT services for Los Angeles companies of all sizes. With Sophos as our trusted partner, you can rest assured that your business data and systems are securely housed while still being easily accessible by your teams. Plus, we provide a high degree of direct support for your business staff, allowing them the freedom from technical problems that they need to be successful.