Are You Working with the Right IT Support Company in Los Angeles?

Are your employees struggling with slow networks and long wait times for IT problem resolution? Get the top-notch IT support your business demands.

IT Support Los Angeles

Does it ever feel as though your infrastructure systems could be running more effectively? There’s nothing you can really put your finger on, but it seems like complaints from staff are rising and things just aren’t moving as quickly as they should be. It can be extremely difficult to diagnose network slowdowns because time is such a relative factor. You could be losing significant productivity from your day as a two-second delay turns into ten seconds — per activity. This can frustrate your staff as well as your customers, all of whom are simply trying to complete their actions in a timely manner. When you’re working with the right Los Angeles IT support company, you can trust that your network has been fine-tuned to support the demanding needs of your growing business.

You Need a Technology Concierge for Your Business

The level of service that you receive in a fine dining or high-end hotel is difficult to beat, but did you realize that your IT services company could offer the same level of personalized service? At Generation IX, we strive to support organizations that appreciate the value that IT can deliver for your business. That starts with finding technical professionals who truly enjoy interacting with users and providing on-site service for that extra touch. Each of our staff members is vetted for cultural fit as well as technical skills, making them the ideal addition to your on-site team. Generation IX Technologies offers these IT services for Los Angeles companies:

  • Proactive software and hardware audits for security, licensing and technical components
  • Cloud, on-premise and hybrid data storage and backup strategies
  • 24/7/365 remote support plus personalized on-site support
  • Introduction of aggressive security management strategies and processes
  • On-site and remote support for home offices and devices of employees, including Sonos and Nest devices
  • Active network and activity monitoring by highly-trained engineers, dedicated to the protection of your business

Want to see the difference that having an on-site IT service provider makes?

Benefits of On-site Technology Support

It never fails — you’re in the middle of a major project on a tight deadline and your computer starts to update and you lose some work. Or you’ve been struggling with onboarding a new staff member and it seems to be taking forever to get them the critical systems access that they need. These are all daily challenges that an on-site technology professional could solve within a few moments, but could take an hour or more if you’re solely relying on remote technical support. Having someone available and eager to be of assistance provides your staff with the feeling that you’re investing in their success, and ultimately in the success of the organization.

Your busy professionals can’t afford to wait hours for tech support — and why should they? At Generation IX Technologies, we provide the concierge-level IT services that help your teams stay productive and focused. From on-site support by highly qualified technicians to our 24/7 monitoring, you will quickly see how technology can be an asset to your organization as opposed to a cost to be justified. Contact the professionals at Generation IX Technologies today at 310-477-4441 or via email to to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.