IT Support in Los Angeles

Are you willing to risk your business security and efficiency on ineffective IT support? See how Los Angeles businesses of all sizes are gaining value from IT managed services.

Your Reputed Managed IT Support Company in Los Angeles

There are many possible levels of IT support for Los Angeles businesses, and many managed IT services providers will tailor their offerings to the unique needs of your business. While some companies need a full suite of services, others may only want to outsource their Help Desk functions or cybersecurity support. Core managed IT services often include:

  • Actively managed email services, including spam prevention and pre-delivery scanning
  • Lease or purchase of hardware and key software platforms
  • Installation and management of WiFi networks
  • Telecommunications infrastructure, including phone systems and teleconferencing solutions
  • Cybersecurity solutions
  • Backup and disaster recovery, including business continuity planning
  • Antivirus and anti-malware software, with real-time monitoring and analytics
  • User training and ongoing client education

While there are many organizations that offer similar solutions, the level of service that you receive from your Los Angeles-based IT managed services provider can make a significant difference in the success of your business.

How Can I Find Los Angeles IT Support I Can Trust?

Selecting between several competing managed IT services providers can be a confusing proposition — from the differences in service levels to the inclusion (or exclusion!) of specific services. Some of the principal items to consider are the support hours of your selected organization, the response times for various levels of support and the transparency of their pricing plans. Trust is built over time, and you need to know that the support professionals you select will always have the needs of your business top-of-mind. Finding a proactive solutions provider that is fully invested in the success of your business starts with ensuring that your selected partner will engage on-site with your team and create a feeling of shared services, performing as an extension of your internal IT team.

There’s no need to stay awake nights worrying that your business’s operational and communications infrastructure could fail at any time. See how the managed IT services professionals in Los Angeles at Gen IX technologies will work with your team to provide the seamless support that your business needs to be successful.

Contact the Gen IX experts today at or via email to to claim your free initial consultation. Our service is designed to exceed your expectations for comprehensive technology services that are specifically defined for your business.

What is Covered with Managed IT Support?

It’s easy to tell when your network infrastructure is running smoothly . . . or when there are problems that are negatively impacting your staff’s productivity levels. There is any number of small technology frustrations that can pull your office workers away from their daily tasks with everything from a missing file to a forgotten password taking time away from core tasks.

The impact of these challenges can be compounded when you also need to pull an IT team member away from their responsibilities to reset passwords and perform other daily tasks. It may not seem like a large impact on a daily basis, but the minutes add up to hours (and days!) of expensive lost productivity that adds up to $1.8 billion each year in the US. This hidden cost of internal IT management is one that some organizations overlook, but it’s a fundamental reason why many Los Angeles businesses are investing in managed IT services.

What Type of Business Needs Managed IT Support Services?

Perhaps a better question would be “What type of business does NOT need managed IT services support”? Nearly any size business in a variety of different verticals can find exceptional value in working with an external IT team that extends the knowledge and abilities of their internal IT team. The ever-changing technology landscape can be eye-opening, with experts reporting that over 250 million records were exposed in data breaches in the first quarter of 2018 alone. When you add that to application vulnerabilities that occur if patches aren’t applied in a timely manner and performance gaps in your network that haven’t been fine-tuned, and you’re facing substantial business losses simply due to a lack of adequate technical support for your business.

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