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Set aside IT complications and prioritize your core business objectives by working with a top Irvine IT services company.

Get Solutions to Your Tech Problems with our 25 Years of Professional Knowledge

Connect with certified professionals dedicated to enhancing your IT systems and reducing costs, all while improving efficiency.

Why choose Generation IX as your IT company?

  • Resume work faster with IT support that fixes most problems in less than 15 minutes
  • Get custom, strategic IT guidance from a skilled virtual CIO to shape your technology roadmap effectively
  • Trust in our SOC 2 Type 2 certification for high security and trust standards
  • Count on 20+ IT engineers available 24×7 for remote and onsite support
  • Start benefiting from our services faster in just 2-4 weeks with our efficient onboarding process

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What Makes Generation IX the Preferred IT Company In Irvine


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Explore Irvine’s Leading IT Company: Generation IX’s Comprehensive Services

Managed IT Services

Enhance productivity by delegating daily IT tasks to experienced professionals, ensuring seamless operations and minimizing downtime.

IT Help Desk

Resolve IT challenges quickly with our expert helpdesk services. We offer 24/7/365 support to 52 companies across the US and achieve a 15-minute resolution time.

Cloud Services

Embrace cloud technology with our support in migrating, monitoring, and managing cloud systems for public, private, and hybrid environments.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your critical customer and corporate data with our disaster recovery services, crucial for business continuity and your clients’ data security.

IT Support

Maintain high productivity and swiftly resolve IT issues with support from our dedicated IT specialists, ensuring efficiency of business hours with reliable SLA and fixed pricing.


Strengthen your defenses against cyber threats with our advanced cybersecurity services, incorporating ransomware protection, endpoint protection and threat intelligence.

System Monitoring Services

Maintain optimal system performance with 24/7 monitoring, ensuring reliability and reducing costly and catastrophic business disruptions.

IT Consulting

Elevate your business; IT strategy with our vCIOs and IT consultants, offering customized roadmaps and fiscal planning for your business goals.

Network Support

Ensure uninterrupted network connectivity with comprehensive network management, including maintenance, patching, and firmware updates.

Generation IX

IT Company in Irvine, CA

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What You Gain While Working With a Leading IT Company in Irvine

Take Advantage of our Deep Local Market Understanding

Dealing with IT challenges without local market understanding can set you back. Businesses in Irvine have unique tech needs that require special attention.

With 25 years of experience, Generation IX comprehensively understands the area’s dynamics. We know what makes Irvine tick in terms of technology and provide solutions perfectly suited to your business environment.

Our deep knowledge allows us to tackle your tech challenges head-on. By working with us, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your IT infrastructure meets your needs effectively.

Irvine IT Company
Irvine IT services company

Refresh your IT Plan with Insights from a Skilled vCIO

Outdated IT plans can slow your business’s growth, making it difficult to meet evolving market demands and operational challenges.

Our consulting services offer the strategic insights of skilled vCIOs to refresh your IT strategy, ensuring it aligns with your business objectives.

Our vCIOs are experts in assessing:

  • Your current IT infrastructure and workflows
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Implementing strategies
  • Support your business goals.

Partner with one of the top IT companies for strategic IT planning that boosts your business success, without the hassle of keeping up with technology trends.

Secure Your IT Environment With Our Managed Cybersecurity Services

61% of cyber attacks target small businesses, highlighting the critical need for fortified cybersecurity measures.

Generation IX’s managed cybersecurity services stand as your business’s shield, employing advanced tools like Sophos and openDNS for comprehensive protection.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) team works tirelessly to safeguard the organization by vigilantly monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and investigating cyber threats.

With Generation IX, secure your business’s future by investing in cybersecurity services that are as robust as they are essential, keeping your operations smooth and secure.

IT Company in Irvine, CA
IT Company in Irvine, CA

Receive Expert IT Support Across All Levels

Facing IT challenges disrupts your flow and costs time. Generation IX IT company offers tiered IT support, ensuring you get the right help exactly when needed. 

From Tier 1 for quick fixes to Tier 4 for deep technical challenges, our approach ensures solutions are just a call away. 
This tiered system allows for efficient resolution, keeping your operations smooth and productive. 

Choose Generation IX for support services that match every need, enhancing your business’s resilience and efficiency.

Sidestep IT Interruptions and Maintain Your Pace

Our IT firm quickly addresses new and ongoing IT problems, ensuring swift and effective solutions.

Irvine IT Company FAQs: Your Questions Answered by Generation IX

What sets your IT company apart in delivering high-quality services?

Our IT company stands out by blending 25 years of experience with a commitment to innovation and client satisfaction.

We excel at cloud migrations, cybersecurity, and IT support, offering rapid response times and strategic IT consulting.

Our unique approach includes personalized solutions tailored specifically to match and support your distinct business objectives.

This ensures you receive high-quality services tailored to your specific needs, setting us apart in the IT landscape.

How does your IT company stand out regarding cybersecurity services?

Our cybersecurity services encompass a comprehensive suite designed to protect your digital assets and infrastructure.

Leveraging state-of-the-art tools like Sophos and openDNS, along with advanced SIEM technology, we offer robust endpoint security and network protection.

Our dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) monitors threats and responds swiftly to incidents, ensuring your business’s resilience against evolving cyber threats.

What are your IT services company strategies for long-term IT health?

We employ proactive maintenance strategy services for sustained IT health, including regular system reviews, evaluations, and timely patching.

Our dedicated outage management protocol guarantees rapid response and resolution times, significantly reducing potential downtime.

This preventative approach ensures your IT infrastructure remains robust, secure, and capable of supporting your business operations effectively over the long term.

How does your IT firm's service offer comprehensive IT support?

Our service delivers comprehensive IT support by promising and delivering swift response times across multiple communication channels.

You get instant responses via messaging within 5 minutes, phone support within 10 minutes, or email responses within 2 hours.

Our commitment to accessibility and efficiency stands paramount. This ensures your IT challenges are addressed promptly, minimizing disruption and enhancing productivity.

What sets our IT company's cloud migration solutions apart?

Our cloud solutions excel through a blend of extensive experience and a focused approach on seamless migration.

With over 25 years dedicated to advancing businesses into the cloud, we provide tailored consulting and execution services.

This expertise ensures a smooth transition and strategic alignment of your technology infrastructure with your business objectives, facilitating growth and efficiency in your operations.