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Address persistent IT challenges by leveraging tailored outsourced IT services that fits your company’s requirements.

Don’t Let Lack of IT Resources and Expertise Hold Your Business Back

Access skilled technology professionals and the IT support your business requires—all within a budget that works for you.

Why choose Generation IX for IT outsourcing?

  • Achieve uninterrupted IT system operation with 24/7 support, ensuring peak performance day and night
  • Boost ROI with our 3-year maintenance pact! Get a 20% discount and secure your IT with us
  • Achieve rapid results through a refined onboarding process, completed in 2-4 weeks
  • Prevent costly data breaches with advanced cybersecurity measures that exceed industry standards
  • Find the perfect fit for your IT needs with customizable technology, networking, and cybersecurity plans

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Generation IX offers an instant messaging platform that lets you quickly connect to a live agent over Slack or Teams.

What Makes Generation IX a Proven Leader for Small Business IT Outsourcing

10+ Years

Clients maintain their relationship with us


Companies trust our expertise


Continuous monitoring and regular upkeep

Streamline IT with Top IT Outsourcing Companies

Managed IT Services

Eliminate persistent IT problems by securing top-tier IT support for your entire digital infrastructure, available remotely or on-site through our outsourced team.

IT Helpdesk

Rapid resolution from our IT Helpdesk efficiently supports small—to mid-sized businesses. A response within 5 minutes maintains productivity and ensures smooth operations.

Managed Cybersecurity

Advanced SOC tools and comprehensive incident response safeguard your network. For security, get top-tier protection with Sophos, openDNS, and SIEM.

Cloud Services

Cloud computing solutions offer scalability, cost-effectiveness, and innovation. Transition smoothly to cloud-based operations and reduce your infrastructure costs.

vCIO Services

Strategic vCIO Services offer insights and access to reduce operating costs, aligning technology with business objectives for scalable growth.

Network Support

Network Support guarantees data security and connectivity. Expert maintenance and security for robust communication and data exchange across the organization.

IT support

Reliable IT Support ensures computer system peak performance. Promises a 15-minute average resolution time, minimizing downtime and boosting operational efficiency.

Procurement and Asset Management

Streamline IT procurement, managing hardware and software acquisitions and tracking, including licenses for key platforms like Microsoft O365 and Adobe.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Quickly recover from physical and digital setbacks with dependable data backup and disaster recovery services from our IT outsourcing company.

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San Jose IT Outsourcing

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Dependable IT Outsourcing Focused on Outstanding Service

Get Results With Expert IT Outsourcing That Delivers More

At Generation IX, our IT outsourcing services exceed the ordinary. We ensure full coverage of your infrastructure to meet your specific needs. Partner with us in San Jose for:

  • Technology Alignment Managers: Actively ensure that every aspect of your network adheres to the latest industry standards.
  • Virtual CIO (vCIO): Following a thorough assessment of your business’s technical risks, your assigned vCIO will offer expert guidance to chart the most optimal path forward.
  • IT Project Management: Our skilled project management team handles everything from solution design to the seamless implementation and deployment of new or upgraded technologies.
San Jose IT outsourcing
Small Business IT Outsourcing

Preventative Measures & Maintenance

Stay ahead of potential IT issues and maintain system integrity with our comprehensive services. Our proactive approach minimizes downtime, reduces costs, and ensures continuous performance for your business operations.

  • Rapid Outage Response: Receive prompt assistance within 10 minutes and resolution within 4 hours, minimizing disruptions.
  • Regular Reviews and Patching: Benefit from scheduled evaluations and updates, safeguarding your systems against vulnerabilities.

Secure the future of your business with our preventative measures and maintenance services, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted operations.

Strategic High-Tech Project Management Solutions

Embarking on a project with technological components requires foresight and meticulous planning. With our high-tech project management solutions, you set the stage for success right from the get-go.

  • Project Execution: From the initial reviews to the final documentation, this process ensures everything is thorough, involves clients closely, and keeps them satisfied at every step.
  • Change Management: Follows a well-organized method that checks and approves all changes, keeping systems stable and dependable.

Small to mid-sized businesses find a reliable ally in us, reducing costs and simplifying business processes for a competitive edge.

Outsourcing IT Services in San Jose, CA
San Jose IT Outsourcing Services

Upgrade Your Cyber Protection Efforts

Keeping your business safe from online threats is crucial for its ongoing success and stability.

A security breach could mean an average recovery cost of $551,000 for small to medium-sized businesses.

Consider creating a cybersecurity plan tailored to your company’s specific needs, one that meets and exceeds industry standards.

  • Zero Trust security
  • Robust antivirus solutions
  • 24/7/365 system monitoring
  • Security awareness training
  • Regular patch management
  • In-depth dark web monitoring
  • Advanced endpoint protection
  • Expertly managed SOC and SIEM services
  • And more

Equip your business with top-of-the-line cybersecurity measures, supported by a skilled team.

Stop IT Problems in Their Tracks with Outsourced IT Support

Improve workflow and say goodbye to technology hassles with a unified service provider.

Outsourcing IT Services FAQS

What are some of the core services included in IT Outsourcing with Generation IX?

Our IT Outsourcing services are wide-ranging, designed to meet the needs of businesses across various sectors. Core services include:

  • Managed cybersecurity
  • Cloud services management 
  • Network and infrastructure support
  • Helpdesk services
  • And more

Additionally, we offer strategic IT consulting to align technology solutions with your business goals, providing a holistic approach to IT management that supports your company’s growth and development.

How does Outsourcing IT to Generation IX support my specific business projects?

Generation IX excels in delivering tailored IT development services that support your specific business projects. Whether you’re looking to migrate to the cloud, upgrade your network infrastructure, or develop custom software, our team has the expertise to guide these projects to success.

By outsourcing your IT project to us, you gain access to specialized skills and ensure that these initiatives align closely with your overall business strategy, reducing risk and adding value to your core business operations.

What are the benefits of choosing Generation IX for IT outsourcing needs?

Choosing Generation IX for your wide-ranging IT outsourcing needs offers multiple benefits. Our team brings decades of experience and expertise in technology solutions that drive business growth.

With our comprehensive suite of services, from cybersecurity to cloud computing and everything in between, you have a single, reliable partner for all your IT needs, ensuring cohesion and seamless integration of technology into your business

How do I gain access to your IT outsourcing services?

To gain access to our IT outsourcing services, simply contact us through our website or call us directly. Our team will guide you through the process, starting with assessing your current IT setup and understanding your specific needs. 

This initial consultation ensures that our services align perfectly with your business objectives, setting the stage for a successful partnership.

How do your IT outsourcing services enhance data security?

Generation IX enhances data security by integrating robust cybersecurity measures into our IT outsourcing services. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) utilizes advanced tools and techniques to effectively monitor, detect, and mitigate security threats. 

With a proactive approach to risk management and a focus on compliance, we safeguard your business processes, protecting your sensitive data from unauthorized access and reducing the potential for costly security breaches.