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What could your teams accomplish if they didn’t have to be concerned about the state of their computers and telecommunications infrastructure? Companies report that a significant percentage of each week is taken up with non-productive activities such as resetting passwords, finding lost files, updating software, and more.

Without this IT help desk burden dragging your company down, your business teams are more confident that they can accomplish their goals without distraction and your IT teams are able to focus on the future. With only 41% of IT teams seeing alignment between their current goals and the direction of the business, it’s vital that you free up this important brain trust within your organization. The largest companies in the world are able to demand exceptional IT consulting support from their partners — does your business deserve anything less?

Generation IX stepped up when I needed them the most. I searched online for a reliable IT consulting services in Los Angeles and so happy that I stumbled upon Generation IX.  Kevin, Holden, Reed and the entire GenIX team took amazing care of my law office in Santa Monica.  Thanks to the entire GenIX team.  Super job.
Ed Bolton

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Complex Environment Require Customized IT Consulting Services

There are few — if any — cookie-cutter solutions that can be slotted into your existing systems without some customization. The challenge many businesses face is that extensive customization requires ongoing upkeep, which makes budgeting increasingly difficult.

Finding just the right balance between solutions that will work seamlessly with your current business processes and help move the business forward at the right price-point is one that keeps technology leaders on their toes. If your internal team is already focused on current projects, bringing something new online becomes a protracted situation and significantly delay the value you derive from the solution. The experts at Generation IX are able to step into any project and help define priorities, create integrations, and provide next-level IT consulting services for your internal teams so you can maintain momentum on important projects.

IT Consulting Services Offered by Generation IX

You might be surprised at the wide range of products and services that are offered by IT consulting firms in Los Angeles. This type of service goes far beyond simply maintaining your basic network and infrastructure to providing advanced consulting, vendor management licensing, and business process automation.

At GenIX Technologies, we understand that it can be quite expensive to add executive-level technology professionals to your team, which is one of the reasons our vCIO (Virtual CIO) continues to be extremely popular. Our vCIO comes alongside your business and current technology staff to add strategic focus, business knowledge, security knowledge and project management expertise to your team.

Whether you’re considering IT consulting companies in Los Angeles or have been outsourcing your infrastructure for years, you will be delighted by the exceptional customer experience you will enjoy as a partner of Generation IX.

We believe that technology should work seamlessly for individuals at all levels of the organization, providing you with a highly productive and motivated workforce. Contact the experts at Generation IX today at or fill out our quick online form for a free network assessment.

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IT Consulting In Los Angeles Services Provided By GenIX

IT Consulting & Strategy For Small To Large Organizations in Los Angeles and Throughout Southern California That Want To Increase Efficiency, Enhance Productivity And Grow With Only The Best Information Technology Solutions.

New information technology solutions emerge so fast that your small or mid-sized business in Los Angeles can have a hard time keeping up. You understand that without the right IT infrastructure and services in place, you’re missing out on key strategies to allow technology to help fuel the growth of your organization and allow you to serve those you work with. With limited time and resources, have you ever had to ask your IT staff to maintain your current network technology, or work to ensure that your Information Technology systems are ready to meet the future needs of your growing organization?

GenIX doesn't want our clients to ever worry about making those compromises, so we’ve included strategic IT consulting and advisory services with each of our managed IT support packages for no additional fee. Our definition of an awesome technology strategy isn’t about convincing you to buy new hardware or software services, it’s about us our skilled IT consultants having a seat at your boardroom table when your executive team discusses your business strategy in order to help them make better-informed decisions that maximize the value of all your Information Technology investments.