Do You Need Simple Structured Cabling Maintenance Solutions?

Keeping your Los Angeles business ticking along like a well-oiled machine requires fast and secure networks -- which means a solid infrastructure and cabling.

Structured Cabling

Your business network and telecommunications infrastructure provide the superhighway for today’s hyper-connected businesses, but the flow of information can quickly grind to a halt if your network cabling is not fully optimized. Older buildings often have cables that were added up to 15-20 years ago, and these aging cables may not have the power needed to transmit the mass quantities of data that need to flow swiftly through your business. Customers and staff members are not delighted when they experience dropped calls or slow connections, both of which can happen when you’re running VoIP communications and other digital and voice-based traffic on networks that were not designed to handle the load. This is particularly problematic if you don’t have a network engineer on staff, because your IT team may be constantly chasing down what appears to be hardware problems — while the issues actually originate within your basic cabling structure.

Simplifying Structured Cabling Services in Los Angeles

Before you start pulling out the detailed schema and maps for your network cabling (if these even exist!), it is probably good to work with organizations that are well-versed in reviewing the structured cabling needs of your business and redefining what will help keep your organization moving into the future. Simply reviewing the current structure of your business and attempting to determine what the next steps are for success can lead you down a dizzying path of complexity, but working with structured cabling services professionals allows you to stay focused on your known business projects. At Generation IX Technologies, we simplify the issues and provide the recommendations that you need to make a quick decision and move towards the resolution of any cabling issues that are negatively impacting your business.

Trusted Professionals with the Cabling Knowledge You Need

Cabling may seem like a very basic need for your business, but there are fundamental challenges that need to be addressed in order to maintain a high degree of safety and still build a strong backbone for your company. Our structured cabling technicians have deep knowledge of the Los Angeles area building codes as well as the network specifications required to fully support your current and future business projections. You can rest assured that you will receive a high-quality installation and that your structures will be fully compliant with wiring standards and industry best practices.

The lifeblood of your company is the network of cables and wiring that runs throughout the floors, walls and ceiling of your building. These are some of the most important components of your network that you may never see, but it’s very obvious when there’s a problem! When you need structured cabling services in Los Angeles, contact the professionals at Generation IX Technologies at (310) 477-4441 or via email to to schedule your free initial consultation. We provide structured cabling services and support to businesses that are expanding, re-engineering their building or preparing for a move.