Structured Cabling In Los Angeles

Today's applications are data-hungry, requiring terabytes of data to be passed along each network cable daily. Is an aging infrastructure slowing down your business operations?  

Upgrade Office Connections with Structured Cabling in Los Angeles

Today’s applications are data-hungry, requiring terabytes of data to be passed along each network cable daily. Is an aging infrastructure slowing down your business operations?  

Creating fast-access to the broader internet and any in-house networks are perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by technology professionals — and one that few IT staff members genuinely have the electrical knowledge to tackle. Designing and implementing a balanced workload for your cabling system starts with the entrance to your building, and progresses through your equipment room, backbone cabling, telecommunications, horizontal cabling and eventually to the individual work areas. Without a solid grasp of electrical engineering principles, you could find your organization is rambling in a building with messy wiring infrastructure that makes shifting desks and enhancing your network backbone next to impossible. This is far beyond the scope of merely adding a new line to an existing solution. Finding the right support for structured cabling in Los Angeles is vital to the speed and effectiveness of your organization’s network.

Structured Cabling Services in Los Angeles

Creating an Extensible Structured Cabling System

Running adequate network cabling to meet the data-hungry needs of your organization doesn’t happen without forethought and planning, and a solid understanding of how to expand your network reliably in the future. Planning for everything from having adequate energy sources to keeping cables at a reasonable length will all help reduce latency both now and in the future. Structured cabling has distinct technical definitions, with a range of standardized elements that work together to create a building or campus telecommunications and network infrastructure.

Conventional point-to-point cabling is what you will find in many office buildings, but this can cause a series of headaches if you attempt to shift the way offices are structured within the space. Knocking down walls or moving cubicles to different configurations can be quite problematic if you’re using a more traditional point-to-point solution that was engineered to support a specific configuration. With structured cabling, you have a more comprehensive range of possibilities as you’re merely putting together pre-defined units — making adds, moves, and changes much more straightforward. Even downtime is often reduced with a structured cabling solution because you’re bypassing many of the common cabling issues such as incorrectly-labeled ports or messy piles of cabling. Plus, the long cables that are required to connect devices point-to-point can cause problems with latency and loss of signal quality, while signals may be more effectively preserved with a structured cabling paradigm.

Get High-Speed Access with Structured Cabling in Los Angeles

Over the past decade or so, cabling systems have improved dramatically — and so has the bandwidth required for business applications. If you think that your office mostly uses small Word or Excel documents and maybe some video from time to time, think again! Even swapping files between your cloud-based data storage provider can cause a significant slowdown in your network. When you add in the propensity of staff members to utilize WiFi to stream everything from videos to internet-based radio, video conferencing, and social media, you may be surprised about the actual amount of bandwidth being used by your business. Having structured cabling in your Los Angeles business provides you the flexibility to expand your network in the future without completely reworking all of your building’s wiring.

Structured Cabling Services In Los Angeles

You might think that something as “simple” as cabling can’t be a problem, but you might be surprised how often poorly structured network cables are the root cause of slow networks and other issues. When you need your technology to simply work without adding stress to your day, contact the professionals at GenIX Technologies at (310) 477-4441. Our team of highly qualified engineers and technical professionals will help define your needs and then quickly execute to ensure your business experiences minimal downtime. Whether you need upfront support with designing your structured cabling in Los Angeles or are looking for implementation assistance, we have the knowledge to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.