Boost Productivity with Technical Help Desk Services in Los Angeles

Are your staff members dealing with technology hassles throughout the day, or do they have the proactive, on-site support they need to be productive and move your business in Los Angeles forward?

Help Desk Services

We are coming into an age where workers expect their technology to simply . . . work. When something goes wrong — when a server goes down, a network is unavailable or you’re experiencing an extended power outage — there’s the expectation that someone will come rushing in to fix the problem ASAP so they’re able to get back to work and stay productive. While this level of service is an expectation for people, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed! At Generation IX Technologies, we believe that this type of concierge-level help desk support is what helps your business smooth out any rough edges and maintain a high level of productivity and employee happiness throughout the week. See how this can make a difference over the course of a year by saving you money and reducing IT downtime for your business.

On-site Help Desk Services in Los Angeles Reduce IT Downtime

Recent studies show that IT downtime is one of the most costly issues that can happen to your business. What’s worse is that this is an insidious issue: you might not even realize that you’re losing a significant portion of each week to IT downtime, but these hours can certainly add up over the course of a year! With the cost of IT downtime hovering around $6,000 or more per hour, even a few hours a week can put a tremendous crush on how much revenue you’re bringing through to your bottom line. Are you ready to sacrifice those dollars when there’s an easy resolution with proactive help desk support from the knowledgeable team at Generation IX Technologies?

Friendly, Knowledgeable Support That Accelerates Problem Resolution

There’s no need to call an offsite person, wait on hold or trudge through a series of low-level technicians before your problems are addressed. With on-site support, you’re able to quickly define the issue and your staff can continue working, secure in the knowledge that your help desk team is on the case. Speaking with a friendly, knowledgeable and on-site support technician can make the difference between your staff experiencing an hour or more of non-productive time versus only a few minutes as your on-site support staff leaps into action.

Keeping your teams moving forward starts with having quick access to the help and support that you need. When your business is moving and flexing so quickly that you don’t have time to wait around, work with the professionals at Generation IX Technologies to see what a difference truly proactive on-site IT support can be. We know that your teams need immediate access to technical professionals, which is why our help desk process is significantly different from other IT companies in the Los Angeles area. See the contrast for yourself when you learn more about the best IT help desk services in Los Angeles by calling Generation IX Technologies at or via email to to schedule your free initial consultation.

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