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Protect Your Company with Proactive Disaster Recovery Solutions

If your Los Angeles business experienced a catastrophic event that wiped out all your data, would you be starting from scratch or do you have a solid recovery strategy in place? Generation IX Technologies provides high-quality business continuity services to help you handle all the unpredictable issues.

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Disaster Recovery Strategies are Critically Important for Your Business

What happens when disaster strikes? Do each of your team members launch into a well-documented procedure that allows your business to quickly ramp back up to full capacity, or will people be scrambling to determine what needs to happen next? It’s impossible to determine every scenario that could occur, but having a business continuity plan in place can help:

  • Provide templated communication plans to customers, vendors, employees, and the media
  • Reduce the business impact by routing power and resources to the most important systems first
  • Avoid confusion by setting clear priorities for business and technology leaders
  • Define how IT services partners can collaboratively support the business in an emergency

With the cost of IT downtime rising dramatically in the past few years to average over $5,500 per minute, each minute matters when you’re attempting to bring your business back online after an incident.

Disaster Recovery Services in Los Angeles
Find Out Why Hundreds Of Los Angeles Business Professionals Trust GenerationIX For Their IT Services

GenIX provides…

  • A detailed analysis of your current IT company and the work they are doing for you
  • An action plan to address operational any or all issues
  • A detailed budget and project plan

Get the clarity your organization needs to get your IT back on track. Completely risk-free, with

Business Continuity Services in Los Angeles

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions in Los Angeles

Having a seamless business continuity and disaster recovery strategy in place requires the right tools for the job. At Generation IX Technologies, we work with industry-leading vendors to define the tools that are right for your particular business needs. Whether you’re looking for a cloud-based backup solution or hybrid on-site data storage, you can rest assured that our technicians have searched the cybersecurity and business continuity landscape to find the solutions that are an exceptional fit. We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions. Our custom implementations take in the complexities of your particular business model to provide you with enterprise-scale business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Your business and technology leadership shouldn’t be losing sleep. You don’t need to worry about what would happen in the event of a devastating attack. At Generation IX Technologies, we come alongside your leadership and technical teams to ensure that your business is fully protected. In addition, we will be able to quickly resume operations after an emergency.

Investing in business continuity solutions before you need them could be the single most important decision you make this year. Don’t risk the long-term potential of your business. Contact the professionals at Generation IX Technologies today at or request your free initial consultation online.

Adopting Aggressive Cybersecurity Strategies

At Generation IX Technologies, our team isn’t content to sit back and wait for a data breach or other attack before acting to protect your business. Instead, we are aggressively taking the fight to the hackers, with:

  • Unified threat management
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure remote access
  • Email and browser security
  • Malware and antivirus protection
  • Mobile device management and more

However, this could all seem extremely complex for internal IT teams to administer, fear not. Generation IX team will be with you each step of the way. Moreover, our on-site consultants will come to feel like a part of your extended team. A powerful network of subject-matter experts at Generation IX providing them with additional knowledge and insight is our unconditional weapon. Be sure all targeted at protecting your business. Are you ready for the next-level support offerings that will help protect your business — and your reputation? Contact us today at or via email to See how we are providing IT services for Los Angeles companies of all sizes. With Sophos support as our trusted partner, you can rest assured that your business data and systems are securely housed. Meanwhile, it is still being easily accessible by your teams. Plus, we provide a high degree of direct support for your business staff. Be free from technical problems that they need to be successful.