15 Tips For Microsoft Teams For Los Angeles Businesses

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15 Tips For Microsoft Teams For Los Angeles Businesses

So, you have overcome the hurdles of being in regular communication with your coworkers by learning the ropes of Microsoft Teams. While you know the basics, are you actually getting the most out of the Teams experience? This piece of software is an office productivity hub that can automate many tasks in less time, simplifying your day and improving productivity. The following is a list of 15 tips that you can incorporate into your daily workflow and further improve your Microsoft Teams experience.

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Tip #1 – Adding a Poll

Teams allows you to quickly add a real-time poll in chat or a channel by using Microsoft Forms.

Tip #2 – Changing Your Status

If you want to inform colleagues that you are away from your desk or busy, you can set your status. The little colored dot in your profile shows if you are available. If you are on a call, Teams automatically sets the status.

Tip #3 – Editing a Message

Occasionally mistakes happen and you need to delete or edit a sent message in Teams. Editing a message is as simple as going to the message, selecting More Options, and then selecting Edit.

Tip #4 – Formatting

There are many formatting options in Teams for messages. To find the best option for you, select Format from the box below your message, and this will expand the view. To change fonts, sizes, highlight, and lists, click More Options.

Tip #5 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts will improve your efficiency while working in Teams. The first shortcut to learn is Ctrl + . which opens the available keyboard shortcuts. The most common include:

  • Show commands – Ctrl + /
  • Goto – Ctrl + G
  • Start new chat – Ctrl + N
  • Go to search – Ctrl + E

Tip #6 – Managing a Team

If you are a team owner, you control the permissions and many of the settings for the team. To access all controllable functions, go to the team name and click More Options followed by Manage Team.

Tip #7 – Navigation Shortcuts

Navigation shortcuts allow you to quickly access other areas of the software. The most common include:

  • Open activity – Ctrl + 1
  • Open chat – Ctrl + 2
  • Open Teams – Ctrl + 3
  • Open calendar – Ctrl + 4

Tip #8 – Pinning Conversations

Pinning is a function that allows you to place a channel, an app, or a conversation at the top of your list in Teams for easy access. This is an excellent option for keeping your most active conversations available for easy access.

Tip #9 – Private Channels

Private channels are used to create specific spaces for collaboration within each of your teams. Only users within the team who are private channel members or owners can access the channel.

Tip #10 – Saving Messages

To read a message later, you can save it by going to the message, selecting More Options, and then Save this Message.

Tip #11 – Searching in Teams

You can search for any piece of content in teams by going to the command box at the top. As you type a name or word, Teams will make the most relevant suggestions. You can either click one of these items or hit Enter for a full list of related results.

Tip #12 – Switching to Dark Mode

As eye strain is always a major concern for computer users, especially those who work long hours, dark mode protects your eyes from the burning glare of the white screen by making the app dark. This feature was also added to Windows so you can have Teams and the operating system in dark mode.

Tip #13 – The Command Box

The search bar at the top of the window acts as a command bar. You can perform many functions by inputting / commands. Instead of typing out the command in the search bar, use the Ctrl + / command to list all commands.

Tip #14 – Turning a File into a Tab

To give all users in your channel fast access to a file, turn it into a tab by going to More Options and make this a tab.

Tip #15 – @Mentions

Firing off a quick message to a coworker does not mean you need to leave your current workload and search for their conversation within Teams. Instead, type the @ symbol into the search bar and their name will pop up immediately. You can then send a message, call, share a file, or do a variety of other tasks without leaving the application. @Mentions also prioritizes messages to you and filters recent activity.