Top 4 Ways Managed IT Services Improve Efficiency for Your Business

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Managed IT Services In Los Angeles By Generation IX

It only takes a moment for a cybercriminal to devastate your business, particularly if you’re not prepared for the inevitable attack. No companies are truly immune from this type of danger, with hackers looking across industries and focusing on small to mid-size businesses due to the perception that security may be easier to pass through. These organizations store a significant amount of customer or proprietary data, often without the enterprise-scale army of IT professionals focused on protecting the digital assets of the company. Enterprising cybercriminals are also using smaller companies as an entry point to larger organizations, making it vital to provide protection that will stand the test of time for your business. While this can be challenging for cash-strapped organizations, there are managed IT services providers who are able to supplement internal knowledge and create a more secure environment for your operations to flourish.

Managed IT Services in Los Angeles

1. Provide a More Consistent Cost Structure

It’s easy to see the efficiencies of a consistent cost structure for your technology support. One of the greatest challenges IT departments face is attempting to estimate the dollars required for software and hardware upkeep in future years. There are so many different variables to be considered that budgeting is often quite open-ended and might leave teams attempting to justify an additional spend before the end of a budget year. When you partner with an IT managed services provider, you are more likely to spread the cost of any larger purchases over time, guarding against large and unexpected expenses for your IT infrastructure and support.

2. Rapid Response Time Limits IT Downtime

A recent study shows that nearly all organizations — more than 95% — experience some form of unexpected IT downtime on an annual basis. Not only does this cause technical staff members to scramble to fix an issue, but business users are often left wondering what is happening and without access to critical business databases and business applications. Small Business Trends estimates that IT downtime can cost in excess of $10,000 per hour for some organization, a cost that can be avoided or mitigated if you’re able to quickly resolve issues with the support of a trusted managed IT services provider.

3. Support for Data Compliance and Cybersecurity

Are you one of the many organizations struggling to find and retain exceptional cybersecurity and data compliance staff members? The complexity required for these skillsets has made them in high demand. With access to these individuals running low, corporations are turning to external sources for their data compliance and cybersecurity strategy and implementation. PCI compliance for eCommerce organizations, HIPAA and HITECH standards — each of these technical requirements can take months to understand and apply to your unique business situation. Working with an IT services provider allows your internal staff to focus their efforts on growing the business and improving operations while external teams are dedicated to providing the best guidance to reduce cybersecurity and data compliance risks.

4. Proactive Monitoring and Active Alerts

Configuring monitoring software can be a challenge, particularly when you consider the intricate nature of this type of software and the interactions with various other software packages and hardware. Active monitoring is widely considered to be a superior tool for quickly identifying and halting cyberattacks, allowing organizations a more cohesive view into their network activity. Machine learning algorithms can be programmed that will look for unnatural trends across your network, launching quick activities and notifications to network administrators. The value of these alerts has multiple layers, with administrators able to reduce infiltrations while identifying areas of weakness within the network infrastructure and business data storage and delivery systems.

Vetting Los Angeles Managed IT Services Providers

You can always tell when you’ve found a true partner for your business because they are willing to share difficult news with you — sometimes even information that you may not want to hear. Having a trusted managed IT services partner on your team offers you unparalleled insight into your operations, as these groups can leverage their learning from multiple industries and apply it for the benefit of your business. Vetting these partners often requires a discovery period where your prospective partner should spend a significant amount of time asking questions and tailoring their responses to your needs as opposed to presenting cookie-cutter solutions that may not be personalized for your business.

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