What Are Managed IT Services? (What/Why)

GenIX is a Los Angeles based Managed IT Services company and answers the tough question on what is Managed IT Services.

Managed IT Services: What Is It, And Why Does It Matter?

The modern world has increased demand for IT services for businesses of all sizes. Technology integration is marketed as the solution to the smooth running of business operations by protecting intellectual information and eliminating downtimes. Many companies are benefiting from managed services more than before as the world becomes reliant on information technology. So what is managed service, and why is it perfect for your organization?

Managed IT services are the solutions delivered by an IT service provider to help ease the workload of busy IT staff. The Managed IT service providers offer IT management and network support following a cost-effective process for improving trade operations. In essence, the managed IT services are third-party providers who manage several information technology needs of a business. Adopting a managed IT service is an efficient way of staying up to date with technology and addressing any issues that may arise concerning cost. By employing managed IT services, a business can improve efficiency by concentrating on core business functions. This guide explores the world of managed IT services and why they are crucial to all kinds of companies.

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Why Managed IT Services Matter

There are several reasons why businesses should consider getting managed IT services when running the operations. Keep reading to understand why you need to get managed IT support.


When you outsource IT services to third parties, you get the convenience of focusing on different aspects of a business that increases productivity. Managed IT services improve your operational efficiency while removing the number of IT problems that affect your business.

As such, you can focus on growing your business while a third party provides all the needed IT support. By outsourcing to managed IT services, you get to work better with few operational challenges since the managed service provider are experienced in implementing all IT solutions. The MSP allows you to think ahead and advice on how to structure your IT needs.

Therefore, if you want to grow your business, outsourcing to Managed IT services is crucial as it allows concentrating on more important issues. The managed IT services offer flexible solutions that can help you and your business at any time. The providers take time to understand your business and recommend the best technology.


Managed IT service providers have reliable support to handle the technology needs of a business. When you get their services, you eliminate the need to run large scale hardware since they have their already established infrastructure. With the infrastructure, you can maximize uptime, in which a computer network is running. If you want your business’ IT systems to run all the time, consider having the managed IT support from professionals and their infrastructure.

Outsourcing to an MSP gives you access to the latest technology while shielding you against any emergencies and disasters. The partnership is crucial in ensuring your company is well prepared for the worst-case scenario. In most cases, the MSP experts will make sure your business has a recovery plan in case of downtimes.

Access To Expert Knowledge

Instead of relying on employees with limited IT experiences, managed services allow you to count on a team of experts with a variety of skills to manage your business operations. The MSP offers access to limitless exerts with specialized skills to give you peace of mind. They take care of all IT needs so that you can focus on running the business.

Rather than hiring a whole employee to fill a gap in your business, you can outsource your network to a managed service provider. This allows you access to the best tech professionals and resources who will help your company stay ahead of the game.

Small and medium businesses and startups can only keep up with the latest development in technology by outsourcing their systems to Managed IT Services. This allows them to get access to the experts with enough tech knowledge


Managed IT service helps businesses to save on the costs of hiring and training an in-house department. This is one of the top reasons why companies choose managed IT services. Outsourcing your network to third parties is not as expensive as hiring permanent staff. This is because you will have predictable monthly costs and can calculate your total budget accurately.

It is worth an investment when compared to the break-fix model of using an in-house staff since the MSP business model does not need a permanent on-site resource for their IT services. The funds for dealing with in-house IT services can be huge as tech-savvy professionals will always increase their demands with time.

Proactive Support

Managed IT services offer proactive support with 24/7 maintenance and system checkups. Whenever an issue arises, they are always available to address it immediately, thus limiting any downtime. The MSO offers optimum support to your business that allows you to think strategically about IT needs in your industry. They deal with any slight glitches or bugs immediately they occur to ensure the system is working soundly.

Therefore, instead of constantly fixing problems, the MSP try to identify the issues before they happen to keep the system up and running all the time. With managed IT services, you get more than the occasional technology check-in. The service providers provide 24/7 services that ensure the smooth running of the IT systems all the time. Whether the problem is big or small, consulting with managed IT service providers will guarantee the proper functioning of your IT network.

Security And Data Protection

Security and safety is an outsourcing feature of managed service providers. If your business involves working with client data, then protecting the privacy of their information is crucial in gaining their trust. No customer will transact with a firm whose data protection is not assured. If clients know that you have a secure IT system within your company, they will likely accept to transact business knowing their data is safe.

The managed IT service providers have built their business around data protection and security. They have the knowledge and infrastructure to offer the highest standard of security and safety control. With managed service provision, you are assured of heightened protection of client’s data all the time.

Therefore, managed IT services are replacing IT personnel in an organization by assuming responsibility to provide tech support services. The MSP matter in businesses because they will ensure your client’s data is secure and that your system is safe from any cyber-attacks.

Discover How GenIX Can Help With Managed IT Services

If your IT department is struggling with keeping up with the changing technology world, then getting managed IT service solutions can be the right move. They are solutions delivered by an IT service provider to help ease the workload of busy IT staff. The many reasons why Managed IT services matter include ensuring the client’s data is secure, allowing access to expert knowledge, providing proactive support, and helping in cost savings. By trusting a managed IT service provider to handle your business network, you can have more time to run and grow your business. Partnering with managed service providers is a win-win for both you and the service provider. The partnership will give you an opportunity to