Network Assessments In Los Angeles

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What Should a Network Assessment Cover?

And how do you know if it’s time to switch IT companies based on a network assessment? Find out what’s cause for concern and what’s not…

Our company in Hollywood was concerned that hackers made their way onto our systems.  We brought in GenIX to run a detailed network assessment and cybersecurity review and they found numerous issues with our security and network setup, but luckily no signs of any wrongdoing.  Thanks GenIX for securing our business and taking care of us.
Edward Templeton

Network Assessments in Los Angeles

Network Assessments In Los Angeles

Your network acts as the foundation for your entire environment – keeping all of your computers connected to the internet while also ensuring you’re able to use printers, scanners, and other connected devices. A well-functioning network lets you make decisions at a faster pace and respond to consumer demands. So how do you know your network is healthy and reliable? A network assessment gives you a quick overview of the current network – examining the infrastructure, security, performance, and various other important factors. Here is everything that should be covered in a network assessment:

  1. Infrastructure – the application types, circuits, operating system versions, and various other pieces of equipment make up the design and implementation of your overall network. If any element of your infrastructure is out-of-date, antiquated, or unsupported, this would be cause for concern.
  2. Security – all external/internal entry points should be noted, as well as any vulnerabilities in the application, file, or database servers. The viability of any existing security solutions should also be tested to ensure unauthorized access isn’t possible. Any significant vulnerabilities and/or unauthorized access would be cause for concern.
  3. Management – a thorough review of the network management strategy, including monitoring schedules, patching schedules, and other factors, should be performed to see if the network is properly managed. If the network is lacking around-the-clock monitoring and up-to-date patches, this would be cause for concern.
  4. Performance – all information gathered on the infrastructure should be combined with a thorough traffic analysis that focuses on finding issues with over-utilization and/or availability. If any configuration issues relating to applications, network devices, or other equipment are found, performance is impacted and this would be cause for concern.

Once the four areas listed above have been reviewed in a network assessment, the information will be collected and analyzed for trends, problems, and overall, recommendations for improvement. Naturally, any challenges with your infrastructure, security, management, and performance would be cause for concern as your technology partner should be taking care of this.

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