Managed IT Services In Los Angeles

Technology is continuously evolving. Your business needs to managed IT services in Los Angeles that give you the tools and technologies to better serve customers.

How Managed IT Services in Los Angeles Lead to Better Business Outcomes

Technology is continuously evolving. Your business needs to managed IT services in Los Angeles that give you the tools and technologies to better serve customers.

If your company wants to innovate, grow, and serve customers better, you need technology that supports your critical business needs.

With managed IT services, your company gains a competitive advantage, improves efficiency, and delivers better results to customers and clients.

Managed IT Services In Los Angeles

What Is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services provide your business with customized solutions to common technical issues. Your managed IT services provider delivers expert assessment and consulting services to determine the current state of your technology, advise on possible solutions, implement and optimize technologies, and manage and secure your IT.

Wondering how to keep your data stored safely and accessible to employees and other users? Want to give users expert help with standard software and hardware issues? Curious about solutions that could increase efficiency? Look to a managed IT services provider.

For managed IT services in Los Angeles, look for a company that provides bundled services for data storage, hosting and backup, cybersecurity; help-desk support; and network services. In most cases, your managed IT services in Los Angeles

What Is Included in Managed IT Services in Los Angeles?

When your business invests in managed IT services, you gain access to services tailor-made for your company. These services may include:

  • Email services management, including anti-spam, anti-malware, and anti-phishing tools
  • Purchase or lease management of hardware and software, including warranty and repair management
  • WiFi network installation and management
  • Business phone systems and teleconferencing solutions
  • Data storage and backup
  • Business continuity planning and disaster recovery management
  • User training and ongoing educational programs

What are the advantages of managed IT services in Los Angeles?

First and foremost, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing your IT is in capable hands, with secure, reliable solutions designed to drive better business outcomes. Among the other advantages are:

  • Reduced operating costs due to predictable monthly fees for your solutions, reallocated staff resources and elimination of onsite storage and utility costs for data centers
  • Improved reliability with contracted uptime and fast response to hardware, software and network issues
  • Access to technical expertise to address emerging challenges and solve problems
  • Strategic consulting to help plan and budget for future technology needs

Managed IT services in Los Angeles gives your business the tools and insights to help you deliver better outcomes for your customers and partners.

How Does Managed IT Services Support our Technologies?

Things happen. Your users may have trouble with a software tool, a piece of hardware, or a network connection. Whether it’s PCs, peripherals, apps, or connectivity, you need to solve problems quickly to keep workers productive, help customers connect, and keep productivity high.

With onsite help-desk services, your business can stay up and running. Dedicated experts working onsite at your business take the burden off your IT professionals, solving issues ranging from password resets to server maintenance to virus removal, all quickly and efficiently.

With onsite support and help-desk solutions, your business gains the following benefits:

  • Optimized operational efficiency
  • Less downtime and expenses for IT issues
  • Reduced need for full-time IT staff
  • Proactive, ongoing maintenance, patch management, and upgrading
  • Access to IT specialists

Can Managed IT Services in Los Angeles Keep Technology Safe?

The 2019 Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach Study shows the stark reality for those businesses affected by a cyberattack. The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million, with the ordinary incident putting 25,575 records at risk. The consequences of a cyberattack are not only financial but reputational as customers may very well look elsewhere for the same services and products.

That’s why your managed IT services solution must include cybersecurity. It should begin with a thorough assessment of your current technology to identify vulnerabilities and potential solutions. Those options may include:

  • Anti-virus and anti-malware solutions
  • Employee awareness training
  • Firewalls to protect your network’s perimeter
  • Cloud-based data storage and backup solutions
  • Network monitoring, alerts, and testing
  • WiFi security
  • Encryption, authentication and remote device management

GenIX: Los Angeles Managed IT Services

A comprehensive solution helps keep your business looking forward while using the newest and best tools for your unique situation. Generation IX provides managed IT services throughout the Los Angeles area. To learn more, contact us today.