What Is An IT Security Audit?

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IT Security Audits In Los Angeles

security audit defines the highest level of assessing and testing that organizations use to test their overall security. An IT audit focuses on the cybersecurity of an organization. Usually, multiple security audits are employed to meet business needs. They are important because they make it possible for companies to know where they stand. With regular audits, you can catch vulnerabilities before they get out of hand.

According to experts, cybercrime may cost companies up to $6 trillion by 2021. The problem affects organizations in all industries. The effects of cyberattacks include reduced productivity, damage to a company’s reputation, reduced morale of employees, and loss of company assets. One of the most effective ways to ensure that your IT systems are working in your favor is by conducting regular audits.

Benefits of a Security Audit

  • Verifying that your existing strategy is strong enough
  • Ensuring that your company remains compliant with the existing regulations
  • Uncovering vulnerabilities in your system
  • Checking to ensure that your company’s security training efforts are paying off

Types of Security Audit

There are a few types of security audits that can determine the success of a company. Each one of them serves a unique purpose.

Risk Assessment

This type of audit makes it possible to identify and prioritize potential risks for an organization. A security audit is a simple way to evaluate your company against your preferred criteria. They can help you maintain compliance.

Penetration Test

A penetration test seeks to test the ease with which hackers can breach your system. Experts will pretend to be hackers and try to identify loopholes in your system. They use modern hacking methods just as real hackers would. All penetration tests are different. Internal penetration tests, for example, are concerned with your internal systems. External penetration tests are about assets that are exposed to the public. Even though they are different, both penetration systems are important. A hybrid penetration test includes both external and internal tests.

Vulnerability Assessment

The purpose of a vulnerability assessment is to unearth weaknesses in your security procedures, internal controls, implementation, or design. The assessment lets you know the weaknesses that could arise from security breaches.

Compliance Audit

In a compliance audit, experts will help you ensure that your business is compliant with the existing regulations. Industries with strict regulations include government, finance, and healthcare. The purpose is to ensure that you are not breaking any rules. Without compliance audits, you may be susceptible to fines.

Things to Look for in IT Audits

  • The compliance of your software
  • Protection of your sensitive data
  • Data-retention policies
  • The permissiveness of your ACLs on folders
  • Change management procedures
  • Updated and tested disaster recovery plans
  • Updated and tested incident response plans

Proper Cybersecurity Audit Practices

Inform the Employees

Letting the employees know about an on-coming audit helps them prepare. It helps you maintain transparency. Involving the employees may give you insight from their perspective.

Regular Audits

Conducting an audit once is not enough. Companies have to conduct regular audits as a proactive measure to continue detecting vulnerabilities and maintain compliance. Cybercriminals are always coming up with new ways to launch their attacks and old audits may not be enough.

Get External Help

Hiring external auditors is a good idea. They have more experience in cybersecurity audits and will have no problem pointing out all your vulnerabilities. They are neutral so you can trust their opinion.

In conclusion, cybersecurity should be a priority regardless of the size or type of business you run. Your Los Angeles IT consulting provider should do more than just fix slow computer. They should offer regular security audits to protect you.