How An MSP Can Make A Difference 

As an MSP, we do a lot to help our clients avoid IT-based problems and take advantage of the benefits offered by properly implemented and maintained technologies. Do you know what you’re missing out on?

Generation IX Is Here To Help – Here’s How An MSP Can Make A Difference

As an MSP, we do a lot to help our clients avoid IT-based problems and take advantage of the benefits offered by properly implemented and maintained technologies. Do you know what you’re missing out on?

Have you had trouble managing your IT for the past few months? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

With the worldwide pivot to remote work came a massive increase in IT-based tasks and issues for businesses everywhere. The key differentiator between a business that pivoted successfully and a business that didn’t was whether or not they had expert help in the process.

As a managed services provider (MSP), that’s what we did for our clients. We helped them quickly and carefully navigate the process of going remote. If you’re unfamiliar with MSPs, then maybe you had a more difficult time in the process. But it’s not too late to learn how an MSP can help, and it’s not too late to start benefiting from that help.

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What Is An MSP?

An MSP is a company that remotely manages a customer’s IT infrastructure and/or end-user systems, typically on a proactive basis and under a subscription model.

How Can An MSP Like Generation IX Help You?

Employee Productivity, Communication & Collaboration

When they can’t come into the office, your team’s ability to work effectively and stay in touch is extremely dependant on the IT tools they have in place.

The right cloud-based solutions will be necessary to access data, applications, and other resources while working from home. An MSP should assist with selecting, implementing, and ongoing support for cloud solutions to make sure they’re the right choice for those with sensitive data to consider.

Furthermore, you need to have a cloud-based phone system, such as VoIP business phones, in place to make sure they’re able to access their usual working, voicemail, and various features while they’re at home. A VoIP system lets them make and receive calls over the internet and keep in communication from their desk or smartphone.

Cybersecurity And Compliance

Cybersecurity is a major concern for remote workers. Switching to a work from home model comes with several cybersecurity risks that may have been overlooked in a rush to get going and maintain business continuity. Ensure you have defensive software (firewalls, antivirus) installed on employee home devices, and password protection enabled on home Wi-Fi networks.

IT Support For Your Employees

In the increasingly popular remote work environment, the number of tickets for support requests has gone way up. By moving their work to the home, your employees have assumed more direct responsibility for the configuration and management of their IT resources, and they could probably use some help.

With an MSP like Generation IX on your side, they can get that help when they need it just by picking up the phone. This ensures issues are addressed and eliminated more quickly, and your employees stay productive.

Business Resiliency

Business continuity solutions like reliable data backup are significant right now. Without a backup, you’re way behind the standard and vulnerable to data loss due to cybercrime, human error, or a major weather event. An MSP will help you implement and follow a range of business continuity and disaster recovery processes, protecting you from data loss and business process interruption.

The bottom line is that, however you’ve managed remote work so far, you can likely do even better with expert help from an MSP like Generation IX. Over the pandemic, we’ve gained extensive experience in helping our partners launch, optimize, and secure remote work capabilities. Now that the mad rush to go remote is over, it’s time to perfect your processes – and you don’t have to do so alone.

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