Will Your Business Technology Pass Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking?

Are you sure that your cybersecurity is ready for prime time? White hat hackers excel at finding the areas where you need to focus to keep cybercriminals out of your business in Los Angeles.

Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking

You know that there are people lurking in forgotten parts of the world who would love to gain access to your secure business systems and leverage your full database of sensitive customer information. What’s even scarier than that? You might have some of those same individuals eyeing your business information in your state, your city — or even your office or at a partner’s office. Even the slightest weakness in your security posture can be leveraged to gain access to confidential information and customer data that can be sold for thousands of dollars per record on the dark web.

Fortunately, penetration testing & ethical hacking offer a way to test your cybersecurity readiness without risking the future of your business. Is There a Difference Between On-Prem and Cloud-Based Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking?

In short, yes — there is a significant difference between testing software and hardware that are remote or cloud-based versus on-premise at your business or fully-owned facility. The key difference is the way people are able to interact with your business systems and data, and how well your security team has been able to protect the various entry points from the outside world. A fully secure network infrastructure could easily be breached if your cloud hosting provider is not holding up their end of the bargain, as cybercriminals can follow their inadequate security measures directly into your business data. This adds a layer of complexity to both testing and your cybersecurity strategy, as it requires you to first identify and then test all associated parties and systems.

The Human Element in Cybersecurity Testing

There are many companies that can run automated security testing for your business, but that is unlikely to reveal all of the potential vulnerabilities that a hacker would consider exploiting. It’s vital that you work with trusted, ethical white-hat hackers that are doing everything possible to take your network and business systems down to the ground — or at least identify what the issues are and make recommendations for resolution. A full penetration testing cycle would include testing, recommendations for remediation, support with implementation (if needed) and then a re-test cycle to ensure that all of the issues have been adequately resolved to protect your organization. While this can be a time-intensive process, it’s also not a one-time-only situation. You will need to create an ongoing schedule for this type of incursion to ensure your business stays protected from external dangers and potential internal attacks.

While “hacking” may have originated as a term used to describe someone taking a turn off the beaten path for any process, today’s cybercriminals are experts at finding back doors into your network systems and business applications. Working with the cybersecurity experts at Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles Technologies allows you to identify the areas for remediation and get them resolved before a truly unethical individual gains access to your business. Contact the team at Generation IX | IT Services In Los Angeles Technologies today at (310) 477-4441 or via email to sales@generationix.com for more information or to schedule your free initial security assessment.