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You Need a Stress-Free Solution for Your Next Business Move

There are millions of details involved in moving your business. Want to get to your new location in Los Angeles — without a breakdown? Generation IX Technologies can help.

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Office Moves & Relocations

Today’s office moves are much more involved than simply grabbing a box and shifting your laptop to a new location, although many staff members think it’s that simple! Ensuring that your new location has adequate power supplies to the various office spaces, planning how WiFi networks will provide full coverage and maintaining all your workspaces to building codes are only a few of the key considerations that your operations team will be noodling as they plan your new space. While easy access to server rooms and hardwires may not be in the plans for your new office space, that doesn’t mean infrastructure is any less important than it has been in the past. Fortunately, GenIX Technologies offers a stress-free solution to your next office relocation.

Office Moves Relocations
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  • A detailed analysis of your current IT company and the work they are doing for you
  • An action plan to address operational any or all issues
  • A detailed budget and project plan

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Office Moves Relocations

When Relocation Planning Isn’t Your Day Job

Putting together all the moving pieces of office relocation can feel like a million piece puzzle, especially if you’re trying to keep everything moving in your “day job” while prepping for a big move. Many teams are scrambling to work ahead to ensure customers experience the least possible downtime while you’re making a shift, adding to the general confusion around a move. Selecting a time to relocate your office that doesn’t coincide with major IT upgrades or renewals can help, but it’s not always possible to plan your move around the technical needs of the business — you’re much more likely to be driven by customer requirements. While this is all enough to make you want to put off your move for another . . . say, 5-7 years . . . studies show that office relocations are beneficial for up to 70% of your staff members, making the investment in time and energy well worth the hassle. Fortunately, your network support team at GenIX Technologies can take on some of the heavy lifting that will make for a smooth transition to your new location.

Office Relocations

When Should Technical Teams Get Involved?

In today’s hyper-connected businesses, IT and operational teams would ideally work together from the inception of the move to ensure that staff member areas, conference spaces and customer areas are all fully equipped with the wiring and network infrastructure needed for the business to be successful in your new home. It can take longer than expected for phones and internet to be installed at a new location, which is one of the reasons many organizations work with external IT relocation partners to help jump-start the activity needed for the move, while planning is still underway at your main location.

Moving your business is stressful enough without having to worry about the state of your technology once you get to your new location. At GenIX Technologies, we have been helping Los Angeles businesses with their moves for years, ensuring that your new location is adequately wired and provisioned for your business, helping with wiring and everything that you need to have a completely stress-free move. Contact our technical experts today at or via email to for more information about the various moving services that we offer or to claim your free initial consultation.