Custom Integration workflow – Merging two helpdesk ticketing systems

Generation IX partners with organizations of all sizes for outsourced IT and helpdesk support. Rather than mandating a specific workflow or toolset, Generation IX provides tailored IT solutions. We needed to sync two disparate systems and our engineering team was up to the task. Below is an example of an integration between two ticketing systems.

Remedy Force & ConnectWise Integration – Workflow IT Helpdesk

The goal of the Remedy Force/ConnectWise Manage integration is to facilitate Generation IX’s Operate (IT Helpdesk) team to interact with Remedy while maintaining the process streamlining, they are used to operating in. The functions of the integrations are to take new and updated service requests and notes from Remedy and feed them into ConnectWise Manage in a way where data is preserved for reporting and vice versa from ConnectWise Manage to Remedy.It helpdesk workflow

The engine for the integration will be hosted as secure API endpoints hosted in Generation IX’s Azure environment. Private Keys for API access will be stored in Azure Secret Vault, and only 3 users from Generation IX will have access to the keys.

Fields included in the synchronization include:

  • Summary
  • Description
  • Contact Email, Name, Phone
  • Impact
  • Urgency
  • Category
  • Notes
  • Resolution Notes
  • Staff Assignment

In Remedy, we will need to configure the following to facilitate the integration. External Credentials for accessing the integration API, a Managed App Consumer in Salesforce for the integration to interact with Remedy, and 2 object flows in Salesforce to push new and updated requests and notes to the Integration. We will also need to create a custom field in the Service Request object to store the External ID of the linked ticket in ConnectWise Mange

In ConnectWise Manage, we will configure API keys and callback actions to facilitate new and updated tickets and notes into the Integration API. We will also have a custom field for storing the external ID of the linked Remedy service request.

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Custom IT Support and Integration

Please reach out of interested in this specific workflow or if you have special projects that require creative engineering.