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Complex situations and environments demand a more structured and creative approach, and cloud solutions form a foundation that marries agility and security with speed of delivery.

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Complex situations and environments demand a more structured and creative approach, and cloud solutions form a foundation that marries agility and security with speed of delivery.

Cloud is everywhere in technology: business intelligence, supply chain management, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and project management topping the list of fastest-growing types of cloud-based solutions in the coming years according to Gartner. This evolution in cloud computing comes after a decade of fast-paced growth that included platform-as-a-service, cloud storage and infrastructure from small businesses to enterprises.

The worldwide cloud market is expected to expand by nearly 20% from 2018 to 2020, exceeding $215 billion this year alone. This dramatic change in the way organizations implement IT platforms and collaborative tools is expected to fully redefine industries and create new opportunities for up-and-coming contenders and established organizations alike. Long-term software license models are being shifted to more of a subscription model, fundamentally changing the economic perspective for organizations and how they approach customization of their software solutions.

Complex Situations and Environments Require Vital New Approaches to Cloud

Business complexity is at an all-time high, with organizations struggling to wrangle multiple solutions into a cohesive whole. This often requires a cloud service provider in Los Angeles with advanced custom solutions that work seamlessly across the organization. Weaving together disparate databases and solutions in a way that is not only smooth and logical but secure requires a deeper talent pool than many organizations have at hand. Outsourcing is becoming the go-to strategy for organizations that are unable to fully staff to support their more complex needs for software integrations and customizations — but the value derived from these projects makes this a vital strategy that’s required to drive meaningful growth.

Customized Solutions By Cloud Service Provider in Los Angeles

With nearly a third of IT budgets earmarked for cloud solutions in 2020, organizations are seeing new opportunities for growth and expansion of the business with these flexible and extensible solutions. As Paul Maritz, the CEO of VMware notes: “Cloud is about how you computing, not where you do computing”. This is evident throughout the business world, and the growth of telework is yet another strong indicator that the pendulum will continue to swing towards the cloud.

Cisco recently shared that 94% of workloads in 2021 will be processed through cloud data centers, and it is only a matter of time before traditional data centers are effectively obsolete. What these changes spell is a structural shift in infrastructure architecture and software deployment that could be disastrous if organizations do not have the proper resources and experts in place to offer the necessary support for these new initiatives. A global technology skills shortage is looming, making it vital to form proactive partnerships with an expert cloud service provider in Los Angeles.

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Creating structured solutions that will meet the needs of business users while maintaining the strictest security and compliance standards can be a heavy burden for internal IT teams. Generation IX consultants work with organizations of all sizes in the Los Angeles area to ensure you have access to strategic resources that will support the needs of your growing enterprise.

Our cloud service provider in Los Angeles specializes in custom implementations that create elegant and personalized solutions to your business challenges without the hassle and frustration of attempting to complete projects utilizing only internal resources.

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