GenerationIX Solves Talent Shortage Challenge For LA CIOs

CNBC reports that finding the right tech employees has become a big concern among CIOs amid the ongoing tech labor shortage. 57% of the tech executives say that staffing is a top concern.

GenerationIX Solves Talent Shortage Challenge For LA CIOs

CNBC reports that finding the right tech employees has become a big concern among CIOs amid the ongoing tech labor shortage. 57% of the tech executives say that staffing is a top concern.

While the world is full of network specialists, system engineers, and IT generalists, finding agile developers, cloud architects, and cybersecurity specialists is difficult. The shortage of specific IT talents is a result of the pandemic which:

  • Forced businesses to set up remote working environments for their employees
  • Working from home created a huge cybersecurity risk because it got difficult to secure remote networks

The two factors put a lot of pressure on CIOs to fill in the tech gap so that their business can remain operational and protected from cyber attacks.

One of the best approaches LA CIOs can take is outsourcing their IT services. An external IT service provider already has a team of qualified tech talent to fit your business. Outsourcing saves you the time and money to interview, train, and hire new employees to fill in the tech gap in your business.

An external IT team solves the talent shortage challenge for LA CIOs by offering services that meet the operational needs for a CIO.

GenerationIX Solves Talent Shortage Challenge For LA CIOs

1. Fully Managed IT Services

If your business has no tech resources or staff or wants to replace your entire IT team, you’re more likely to benefit most from fully managed IT services.

With a fully managed IT, you’ll get nearly all IT solutions without the need to hire employees, help you to close the tech gap in your business. Managed IT services allow CIOs to formulate optimum quality, efficiency, and cost-benefit.

You get skilled tech talent to:

  • Streamline business technology with its operation
  • Increase the efficiency in communication channels
  • Deliver cloud computing and backup at lower prices than what direct network service providers offer
  • Handle every IT service leaving other staff to concentrate on what matters most to the business

Generation IX has delivered managed IT services to hundreds of businesses in Los Angeles to help you with the challenge of talent shortage. We can help you too.

2. Co-Managed IT Services

With the shortage of IT talent, it’s easy for CIOs to find their staff getting overwhelmed when big projects come along. Sometimes, it’s the peak season — the daily support requests come in flooding and overwhelming your internal team.

As the CIO, you have the option of hiring additional employees, but the problem is that during off-peak season you might want to fire them because they’ll have no work.

Co-managed IT services can help you leverage the expertise and skills of technicians only when you need them. The approach is an affordable solution for expanding your current IT resources and ensuring you have got tech talent whenever you need it.

Gen IX co-managed IT services offer you extra help to fill in tech gaps that overwhelm your existing internal staff. We’ll work with your current IT staff to provide the exact tech assistant they need and fill in the void that limits your business from moving to the next level.

3. Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing makes a business stay competitive. Cloud services slash IT expenses, increase business efficiency, improve flexibility, boost performance, and enhance security.

The pandemic has accelerated the shift to cloud computing because employees started working remotely. The increased need for moving workload and applications to the cloud has created a huge demand for cloud architects.

If your business has a gap for cloud architects, Gen IX technologies can fill in the gap by offering you reliable and secure cloud services. Our team of cloud architects will provide:

  • Unified communications to access your VoIP phone system anywhere and any time
  • GSuite and Office 365 solutions so that your business can leverage productivity suite without buying or maintaining a license
  • Backup and disaster recovery to prepare your business for any kind of data loss
  • Desktop support to access a cloud-hosted desktop that runs a physical desktop

We’ll help you store and access data and software over the internet.

4. Cyber Security 

Cyber attacks threaten the business world.

In the recent Momentiver and CNBC survey, 56% of CIOs of small businesses are concerned about getting attacked. Inc reports that 60% of small businesses fold after six months of a cyber attack.

What’s more, most cyberattacks happen to small and midsize businesses.

CIOs face difficulties finding qualified employees to cater to their organizations’ security. However, GenIX cybersecurity specialists are going to take the necessary measures to protect your business before it’s too late. The measures include:

  • Deploying Managed Siem: A security information and event management (SIEM) tool offers next-generation detection, analysis, and response to security incidents in your organization. You need qualified people to make the rules and monitor which rules are being violated. GenIX offers talented teams to monitor activities in your network and detect anomalies. Based on the incident, required actions are put into place.
  • DDoS Mitigation: GenIX won’t let hackers harass your business through denial of service. We will use custom routing, rapid detection, and response to ensure your servers are not affected by a DDoS attack.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Passwords provide the bare minimum for authentication and security. Companies that rely on passwords to protect their data often get hacked and their data stolen. Your company needs another level of protection like 2FA to make it harder for hackers to access your data. As the CIO, you don’t need to struggle to find the best person for the task. GenIX implements multi-factor authentication for companies in Los Angeles.
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Incident Response: When you have been a victim of a data breach, you plan to communicate the situation to various parties. A plan is essential to mitigate the risks and reduce the attack surface. You deserve the best team to handle the situation and eliminate any risks underway. GenIX will help your organization put into place better security measures.

GenerationIX Will Fill The Tech Talent Gap in Your LA Business

With outsourced IT and cyber security services in Los Angeles, your quest for an IT professional will be a thing of the past. GenIX have the expertise to help you in the following areas:

  • Onsite and offsite IT support
  • Cloud services
  • Network management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Backups and recovery
  • Business automation

If your organization lacks IT skills, contact GenerationIX today and discuss which options are best for your organizational needs.