Los Angeles Ad Agency Reaches Out to GenIX for All Their IT Service Needs

Los Angeles Ad Agencies work with Generation IX for all their business IT service needs. Speak with our ad agency experts today.

Los Angeles Ad Agency Reaches Out to GenIX for All Their IT Service Needs

In an industry that revolves around staying up-to-date with emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies and concepts, satisfying your customers, and not forgetting staying protected against cybersecurity threats, you can’t afford to have downtime due to technical issues. IT for Ad agencies helps ensure that the operations of businesses in this industry run smoothly.

GenIX can take care of all your IT service needs so that you can focus on what matters most – which is growing your business. We understand that many aspects of your operations rely on technology, and that’s why we tailor our IT services to ensure that your business operations are always streamlined.

Los Angeles Ad Agency Reaches Out to GenIX for All Their IT Service Needs

What IT Services Can We Offer to Ad Agencies?

Here is an outline of some of the services that GenIX can offer to Ad agencies:

1. Network Infrastructure and Design 

It can’t be stressed enough how crucial network infrastructure has become for Ad agencies in terms of keeping up with customer demands and ensuring the smooth running of operations. A good network infrastructure design creates a solid foundation for a streamlined computer system environment. Regardless of how great the design of your computer system is, if the network infrastructure design is poor, the system won’t run efficiently due to network congestion.

Just like a crowded street, a network has a limitation on the capacity of data it can transmit. As the number of network devices increases, the network’s performance will be affected. As such, good network infrastructure is essential for maintaining top network performance. GenIX IT experts will design your network infrastructure using intelligent switches so that it can be easily segmented for management reasons. We will also secure your network at the entry point with a firewall so that it remains safe even when you are connected to untrusted networks.

2. Extensive Apple and Mac Support 

Apple and Mac are heavily used in the Ad/marketing world. This is because their design is a pertinent component of digital marketing. When high-quality Mac applications such as Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro are paired with Adobe applications, creative and design potential are never limitless. Plus, the design experience is fluid and easy.

Unfortunately, most MSPs don’t offer Apple and Mac support services because most businesses use Windows. GenIX is one of the few MSPs that offers full Mac support to its clients. We have discovered what works best, and we pride ourselves on providing the best-in-class solutions and IT support services for clients such as those in the Ad industry who use Macs.

3. Systems Integration Services 

Computer systems integration refers to the process of combining your sub-component systems into one functional unit. It basically involves combining your hardware and software components.

With demonstrated expertise in integrated systems design, you can count on GenIX to develop technical solutions for integrating the systems of your Ad business. We have years of experience building multi-platform systems for clients and supporting those systems to ensure seamless operations and effective tackling of different business problems.

Our expertise in Mac/Windows/Unix computing, networking, and server technology means that you can depend on us to build end-to-end solutions that address your business’s needs. Our capability to provide integrated solutions from networking to telecommunication and computing ensures that you get an effective support structure.

4. Help Desk Services 

As an Ad agency, collaboration among your staff and with your clients is fundamental to your success. An MSP is only as good as the help desk service it provides. Many MSPs promise excellent support but fail to deliver on their promise.

GenIX delivers on its promise of providing great help desk services. Our services are focused on our clients. They are designed to put our customers at ease. No matter the time you call or who you speak with, you are guaranteed to receive the help you need.

5. Cybersecurity Services 

Today, as the prevalence of cybersecurity increases, organizations from all industries, including the Ad industry, can fall victim to this threat. This is especially so given how businesses in the Ad industry heavily rely on technology and the internet.

GenIX can help you keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape. We offer a comprehensive suite of managed cybersecurity services that include cloud security and data security protection across servers, networks, applications, devices, and users.

Our cybersecurity services extend your in-house IT team’s capacity to protect network infrastructure, applications, and computing with ultra-modern security solutions that can be implemented easily and don’t need large upfront investments. What’s more, our cybersecurity solutions are constantly updated to deal with the evolving threats in an effective and highly responsive manner. When you partner with us, we will help you remove the burden of 24/7 cybersecurity monitoring from your business’s already busy in-house staff.

6. Backup and Disaster Recovery Services 

Businesses in the Ad industry are among those that store a lot of data, especially given how much they depend on data. If this data gets lost, it can cost a business thousands if not millions of dollars in lost revenue.

Now more than ever, it is crucial for ad businesses to have data backup and a restoration process in place to secure their data, maintain its uprightness, and ensure business continuity. Disasters, whether man-made or natural, can cause serious problems for a business –unrecoverable data loss can seriously affect a business’s revenue and reputation.

At GenIX, we pay full attention to backing up your data. We ensure that your data is resilient by replicating it across multiple data centers. Additionally, our cloud backup and recovery service offers a reliable disaster recovery plan and secure protection for your business’s on-premise data and business software applications using a top-tier data center. This way, your business will be back up and running within no time in case of a data breach or any other data loss event.

GenIX Is the Go-to IT Provider for Los Angeles Ad Agencies

We understand that the Ad business requires high levels of expertise and up-to-date technology. That’s why we keep our tech updated and are staffed with experienced IT experts. We also tailor our services to meet our customer’s needs. Contact us to learn more about our services.