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Looking for IT Support in Culver City?

With data breaches, ransomware, and other cybersecurity issues becoming more and more common every day, you can’t just trust your IT support in Culver City to just anyone. It’s estimated that 70% of businesses will suffer some form of a cyber attack, with nearly half of those businesses being uncertain whether they could repel such an attack, leaving them vulnerable to a huge amount of risk. Working with a managed IT support business that understands the threats your business faces on a daily basis as well as how to minimize those threats is vital to your company’s overall success.

By working with a managed services provider (MSP) who understands your company’s needs as well as how to keep your network safe, you can ensure that your company can operate seamlessly. The experienced team at GenIX is ready to work 24/7/365 to ensure your company’s digital assets are protected from threats, using routine scans, regular service and constant monitoring of your network for any possible vulnerabilities. When you work with us, you receive professional-grade encryption of data, remote network security and any number of other tools to help secure your network and protect your digital assets and data.

When my company in Culver City needed a reliable IT support company, we called Holden at GenIX.  The entire team at GenIX jumped into action and took care of my IT issues our previous IT company couldn’t take care of.  Put it this way, they resolved 5 months worth of problems in 3 days.  Thanks guys for all your hard work.
Edward T. Bradford

IT Support Culver City

Why Use IT Support in Culver City?

As businesses go through digital transformation, the need to outsource IT services to an MSP is more important than ever. Instead of approaching IT as a function necessary for your company to thrive, it’s approached by an outside business as its main point of interest. If an MSP doesn’t keep your company’s digital assets functioning effectively, they’ll lose your business. Instead of your company’s IT people reacting to the latest crisis, the MSP is proactively working to ensure it doesn’t become a crisis in the first place. Working with an MSP ensures that you’ll have superior technical support and performance for your computers, website, IoT framework, mobile devices, network and other necessary systems. Because you’re not focused on your company’s IT issues, you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

7 Major Reasons Why You Should Outsource IT Support in Culver City

  1. Get rid of long-term contracts and avoid budget issues. We don’t believe that binding you in a multi-year contract is the best way to prove our worth. Instead, we deliver world-class service on every project, every day, all year long. Because we focus on developing a monthly subscription plan designed for your company’s needs, you’ll pay the same low rate every month, without the hassles involved in chasing your IT department’s goals and tasks.
  2. A simple contract without any gimmicks or tricks. We’ve developed a simple service contract that tells you exactly what you’ll be paying for and what services you should expect in return. You won’t find clauses and exclusions so that we can weasel our way out of the work, and there are no hidden fees when you work with us to provide ugly surprises when you get your monthly billing statement.
  3. Work with a team of experts instead of a few generalists. Sure, you could hire your own in-house person to handle these issues, but what area of expertise should they have? If you’re only hiring one or two people, you’ll need to hire generalists, who can manage a lot of things decently, but nothing specific very well. When you hire out to an MSP, you’re gaining an entire team of experienced experts who will make sure all areas of your business’ digital needs are top-of-the-line.
  4. Get constant support at all times, in all places. If you’ve got a single IT person for your business, what happens when they take vacation and go hiking in the mountains, far from cell signal? When you work with us, you gain a full team of experts who are ready to answer the phone and take on your concerns 24/7/365, whether you need help for your sales team at the international conference in Belgium or because your office network just went down on the weekend.
  5. Gain expert insights into your digital transformation strategy. Though digital transformation is a hot topic right now, approaching it in an intelligent fashion is vital to your company’s success in the process. By working with an experienced team of expert IT professionals, you’ll quickly discover what parts of your strategy will do well, which parts are potential failure points and which ones may need some tweaking to ensure you gain the best possible results from your work.
  6. Receive solid product and service recommendations without the constant upsell. We’ve all worked with companies that have constantly tried to upsell new products, services or resources. When you work with us, you’ll receive quality IT service, only receiving information about new products or services only when we think they can provide you with a solid gain for your business’ operations, efficiency or economy.
  7. Avoid potential cybersecurity issues. With more cyberthreats emerging on a daily basis, would you rather have your business focused on the latest threat or on building and growing your company? When GenIX handles your cybersecurity issues, we work in a proactive manner, making sure that any threats to your system are handled as quickly as possible. This allows you to focus on running your business instead of chasing the latest threats and trying to determine a course of action.

By hiring out your IT support in Culver City, you’re ensuring that your company has the best possible support at all times, with easy access to experts in all aspects of your company’s digital needs. At Generation IX Technologies, we’re happing to help provide top-quality IT support in Culver City. Ready to learn more? Please feel free to reach out today with any questions, for more information or to speak with one of our experienced IT professionals to find the perfect solution for your company’s MSP needs.