Unleash Your Business Technology with Outsourced IT Support

More of today's businesses are struggling with the added complexity that technology brings to their model. Is it time to consider shifting to a newer, more flexible stance on technology?

Support for companies with no IT

Are the increasingly-complex technology challenges in your business slowing down your business growth and making your productivity levels drag? Hiring new IT staff to keep everything flowing smoothly may feel like the answer, but the incredibly tight talent market and the required overhead may have you thinking that there has to be a better way to support business technology needs without adding several new employees. Finding the right organization to manage your IT infrastructure, communications technology and help desk support may seem like a difficult task, but the professionals at Generation IX Technologies can provide the proactive IT services that your business needs to be successful.

How to Find IT Services for Companies with No Internal IT

Finding an organization that will be a good fit for the type of software and hardware that are used within your business is vital, but perhaps the most important consideration is finding an IT support partner that will be there when you need them. Closely review any contract to ensure that the service level agreements (SLAs) will meet the needs of your organization, defining everything from the amount of time required before a specific level of support is provided to response times on the phone and other forms of communication. For organizations that are outsourcing IT for the first time, it’s often helpful to work with an organization such as Generation IX Technologies that offers a robust mix of on-site and offsite support, to keep your organization moving quickly during the busiest hours of your day.

What type of Technology Services Should We Outsource?

If your operational efficiency is dropping due to constant IT downtime and a lack of internal technical know-how, it’s probably time to consider a different support model for your business. Your business can benefit from a wide range of IT support services, including:

  • System backup and recovery strategies
  • Cloud-based data storage
  • Active network monitoring and management
  • WiFi network and wired network management
  • On-site and remote help desk support services
  • Cybersecurity and disaster recovery
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Windows license management, upgrades and implementations

These are only a few of the services that your trusted IT services providers should offer in the Los Angeles area.

Your technical infrastructure is the foundation of your organization and a vital component of your future success. Finding the right IT services for companies with no internal IT may feel like a challenge, but it starts with vetting trusted partners in the Los Angeles area. At Generation IX Technologies, we excel at providing high-quality, proactive technology solutions for businesses that choose not to hire a full internal IT staff. Contact us today at or via email to for more information on how this model offers your business the data privacy, data security and operational efficiency that you need to be successful.