Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Identity and Access Management

  • Implement and manage Single Sign On (SSO) solutions
  • Azure Active Directory with Conditional Access for 70% of customers
  • Okta Adaptive MFA and Universal Directory for MacOS, Google, and larger enterprises


Cyber Incident Response

Preparation and Testing:

  • Hire a 3rd party to regularly audit and test your controls.
  • Keep business stakeholders aware of risks and mitigation strategies
  • Plan communication strategy

Detection and Analysis

  • 100% endpoint detection and reponse compliance
  • Eliminate false positives to prevent alert fatigue
  • Employ multiple malware detection systems

Containment, Elimination, and Recovery

  • Assume everything is compromised
  • Clean separation between corrupt and not to minimize duplication of effort
  • Business continuity and productivity is always guidepost

Learn and Adopt

  • It is an arms race, keep competing
  • Implement controls applicable to the legal or financial requirements
  • Forensics firms will provide root cause analysis to aid in rebuilding

The Basics

(Azure) Active Directory

Group Policy Hardening

Tabletop Exercises

Access Control Reviews

Security Patch Management

Endpoint Manager 

Cybersecurity you can understand.

I’m so happy to have GenIX at the helm of our IT’s cybersecurity

Sarah Gelabert

Chief of Staff, Gotham Green Partners