Create a Secure Communications Infrastructure for Your Media Business

Your clients are trusting you to provide exceptional service at all times -- and that starts with the very phone call. Is your Los Angeles technology infrastructure up to the challenge?

IT Services For Media Organizations

Trusting another organization with your brand requires a deep level of commitment between partners, and the same is true of your network and telecommunications infrastructure provider. Your reputation as a media professional rests on knowing that your clients’ information is fully secure at all times and that you’re able to access that information from anywhere in the world. There are no set business hours, which is why the experts at GenIX Technologies offer knowledgeable IT services for Los Angeles organizations 24/7/365. Are you ready to create a secure communications infrastructure for your business?

Secure, Professional IT Services for Los Angeles Media Companies

It only takes a minute for an enterprising hacker or journalist to find out the information they were looking for within your business systems — information that your clients are often paying top dollar to protect. This type of data breach is becoming an increasing concern for organizations that are focused on media and communications, due to the vast amount of digital assets that are being stored and accessed on a regular basis. This valuable content is often misrouted by cybercriminals who are looking for ways to offer high-quality media assets on the dark web and other illicit distribution channels.

Crystal Clear Communication with Clients

If you are tired of struggling to get responses from clients or having trouble receiving your messages quickly enough to respond, an integrated communications platform may be exactly what you need. With support from IT services professionals, your communications platforms can be configured to bring emails, voice mails and other messages into a centralized system that allows you secure access to the information you need at a moment’s notice. Your clients will appreciate that you respond quickly and you will enjoy having your full range of information available when you need it. Sharing large files and collaborating also becomes easier with a highly-secure communications infrastructure because you can control access to digital assets with multi-factor authentication and other advanced solutions.

Proactive, Reliable Cybersecurity Protection

More than 80% of media executives note that website and network security are a major concern for them in the coming years. Website defacement, the theft of digital assets and other actions that can be detrimental to your brand or the brand of your clients is happening more often, with 28% of recent survey respondents sharing that their corporate website was forced offline for a period of time due to attacks in the past year. This growing trend speaks to the role of IT services for media companies, as you have access to dedicated and highly-trained professionals with deep knowledge of website, email and network security.

Your clients demand top-notch service from your business, do you deserve anything less? At GenIX Technologies, our technical experts are also proficient at the fine art of customer service. They excel at working closely with your staff to ensure you receive the proactive support and security that you need — so you can focus on growing your business. Contact the GenIX professionals today at or via email to  to schedule your free initial consultation.