Does The Cloud Really Save Los Angeles Businesses Money?

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Does The Cloud Really Save Los Angeles Businesses Money?

Key Points:

  • Operating costs never seem to slow down; they only increase year after year.
  • Moving to the Cloud might be a financial savings based on your operation.
  • IT infrastructures are never a one size fits all solution for any organization.
  • Taking that first step helps you decide if you should migrate to the Cloud.
  • This resource will guide you through the entire decision-making process.

It doesn’t matter where your business or organization sits in Los Angeles, Glendale, or near PCH in Long Beach. Like the inevitable Santa Ana winds from the east blowing west, the high cost of doing business never slows down, stalls, or ends in Southern California.

In fact, with much talk of moving a company’s entire business to the Cloud, one must ask, does it genuinely save a Los Angeles business money? In today’s video, Holden Watne, Director of Business Development at Generation IX, provides a few insights for you to consider.

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Is Moving To The Cloud A Savings Or An Expense?

Let’s address this first. Every business and organization in LA is different. How you run your company differs from your competitors or the business next door. What you must do to stay safe and secure has to be tailored to match your business model and Cloud needs.

For example, architecture and design firms in Glendale need secure access to tablets, phones, and laptops because they often use remote locations. But a private equity and wealth management firm in Anaheim requires compliance reporting and impenetrable cybersecurity.

What one organization sees as savings moving to the Cloud, another views it as an unnecessary expense with questionable protection. Especially where laws and regulations dictate what a company must do to remain compliant and in business.

IT Infrastructure Options Come In Many Sizes

Holden’s video demonstrated what Generation IX has to do for each client when presenting infrastructure options that need tailoring to a specific business model. For instance, one was multiple servers, another was Office 365, and another was public Cloud.

Each infrastructure option had pros and cons, cost savings, and expenses. And when there are multiple choices, you, the business owner or decision-maker, have much to consider. Take, for example, the private equity and wealth management firm mentioned above.

Choosing multiple servers is the simplest and easiest to support. However, that infrastructure option may not be able to recover quickly or have the needed cybersecurity protection due to the industry’s regulations and compliance requirements.

What Is Your First Step?

As you saw in the video, different IT infrastructure options were presented for Holden’s fictitious company. What about your business model? It’s not fictional, and you have specific needs and real-world requirements. Are there other concerns or possibilities that don’t scratch the surface?

Of course, there are. One of the most significant benefits of the Cloud is that it can help your company save on hardware costs. With the Cloud, your business may not need to invest in servers or additional hardware.

Instead, you can use the resources of a Cloud provider. That can be an excellent way for you to reduce upfront costs. However, only when you meet with an IT infrastructure consultant will the question of whether the Cloud saves a Los Angeles business money go unanswered.

Generation IX Helps Businesses Make Wise Cloud Choices

As a Los Angeles-based Cloud service provider, we meet with many decision-makers from numerous industries. Many are eager to migrate their applications and workloads to the Cloud. Yet, most are still undecided if moving will save their Los Angeles business money.

If you share the same concerns about operating costs, more flexibility, and scaling your business, meet with us. We will guide you with new hardware decisions, software updates, system upgrades, and Cloud migration choices.

To schedule a consultation with a Generation IX Cloud expert, contact us today or call (310) 477-4441 to discover the savings of moving to the Cloud.