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Best Law Firm Accounting Software For 2022

Legal Apps 2022

Best Law Firm Accounting Software For 2022

Law firms need advanced accounting software that goes beyond basic bookkeeping. Law firm accounting technology should process client trust accounts (CTAs), along with interest on lawyers’ trust accounts. To appropriately charge a customer, you need a tool that precisely analyzes the resources spent and keeps accurate data.

Accounting software should assist attorneys in streamlining their earnings, improving their billing, and gaining useful insight regarding their financial viability. We looked at a variety of accounting software options for those with the finest fully-featured packages, plus various law firm connectors to find an ideal program.

Which law firm accounting software is the best for 2022?

The following are some intuitive software programs made for the legal industry that you should consider in 2022.

1. PC Law

This is a prominent accounting tool that helps with managing issues, tracking time and costs, invoicing suppliers, receiving client fees, and managing trust accounts, all on the go. All solitary lawyers and legal firms that monitor paid hours and compute revenue per hour can gain a lot from this software.

PCLaw will practically be all you will ever need. Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) codes will automate client invoicing, produce multiple wallets for client trusts, agency finances, including IOLTA accounts, establish projects and allocate them to other attorneys, and monitor hours on the move using PCLaw Go. You can use multiple techniques to integrate it into other systems. It does not feature a payroll administration application but interacts with ADP to handle payments.

2. Juris

This powerful invoicing and accounting software is extremely reliable and adaptable, making it an excellent solution for legal firms with at least ten timekeepers. It has full accounting capabilities along with comprehensive, sophisticated invoicing for multiple invoicing schemes.

Juris offers two editions: Juris Core, which is a more basic version, and Juris Suite, which is more comprehensive. Both have a comprehensive accounting model and a robust collection of financial and invoicing data. The software is a Windows PC application that you can use either in a private cloud or on-premise.


This is a powerful software running in a cloud that is not complete but will offer sophisticated, versatile legal invoicing, trusts accountancy, and reporting capabilities.

It is one of a kind since it will mix cloud-based platforms. With your Windows Computer, you can launch it as a simple computer program, but it will host the software’s core (including data).

4. ZolaSuite

This is a cloud-based law firm management solution featuring built-in smart email management that handles case-related information. Problem administration, records and project management, calendaring and invoicing, and trust accountancy are among its most important attributes. This is best for law firms with at least three users.

If you are looking for an affordable, cloud-based, all-in-one solution that can forego a few relatively powerful functionalities, consider Zola Suite. When compared to CosmoLex, Zola Suite Core will cost $69 each month for every user, saving you up to $20 each month per user.

You may choose to begin with the Core subscription and afterward switch to Enterprise if you want additional functionalities. This will also be a better match for firms that deal with a lot of papers daily, particularly if they use Office365 or GSuite. Its built-in email toolkit makes it simple to handle case-related communications and messages via email. If you are using any Zola goods, Zola Suite is a great pick.

5. CosmoLex

This tool is like PCLaw, except instead of being installed on your native computer, it is cloud-based. Its rich feature set includes trust accounting, time tracking, task and document management, and billing. It is also a member of the Tabs3 software group, which specializes in law firm software targeting solitary and small firms.

Its built-in legal-specific accounting package is something you will not see in other civil litigation management products. It will eliminate the need to purchase QuickBooks or other accounting systems. You may plan and monitor assignments and projects using CosmoLex, along with recording billable hours, collect conditional, variable, or hourly rates, and receive cash with LawPay.

It will offer over 100 report alternatives to enable you to comprehend your firm’s financial status. However, it does not offer a lot of third-party connectivity, which is a concern if you use a multitude of unique applications.

6. TimeSolv

This tool will not focus on project management only; rather, it will offer a wealth of capabilities in time monitoring, costs, charges, and earnings for every project. It will work alongside Xero, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and Microsoft 365, among other programs.

TimeSolv is a strong law firm solution that transforms your Xero accounting program. It features both the trust’s accountancy and three-way rapprochement, along with options to enable you to manage client relationships.

This tool will help you if your firm charges on a comprehensive hourly rate or just need to evaluate associate productivity. Trusts accountancy, budgets, documentation, and project execution are just a few of the capabilities TimeSolv packs. You may oversee a concern or assignment from any location when using its mobile app.

7. LeanLaw

Among the strongest features that this accounting tool packs is the ability to automatically rationalize trust accounts. It enables you to get your IOLTA finances back in check. You may facilitate accurate trust deposits or make payments straight from your trust accounts thanks to the strong IOLTA accountancy embedded into its invoicing process.

It also includes a complete timekeeping feature, enabling you to record time with any gadget, besides its strong QuickBooks compatibility. Standardized LEDES codes are now supported by LeanLaw for convenient billing.

8. ProLaw

This efficient accounting software was designed specifically for medium and large firms that have more than six employees. Its features make it easy to improve a firm’s performance and effectiveness. It, for instance, packs a cloud-based feature, which will allow you to harness the tool’s cloud technology from a simple interface.

The bottom line

Legal accounting software is an important component of your record system, as it typically handles tasks and time records. Since most legal firms commonly charge by the hour, you must efficiently organize your work hours and plans in order to create comprehensive feedback for curious clients.

For performance measurements, you can document and compare your actual work time with your total yearly invoice time targets. Your software may organize payments relative to hours recorded. However, it may not always be easy to know the criteria for choosing the best law firm accounting software for 2022. This is why a technological partner can come in handy.

GenerationIX is well versed with the technological issues that commonly plague firms practicing in the legal field. This is why we offer top-notch support and services across Los Angeles and LA County. Contact us today to get a quote. Call us when you are looking for exceptional IT support.

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Recent Posts:

Find Out Why Hundreds Of Los Angeles Business Professionals Trust GenerationIX For Their IT Services

GenIX provides…

  • A detailed analysis of your current IT company and the work they are doing for you
  • An action plan to address operational any or all issues
  • A detailed budget and project plan

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