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Are All MSPs The Same?

Choosing an MSP shouldn’t revolve around price, slick marketing or outlandish claims. You need to focus on finding an MSP that will partner with you to help you achieve organizational objectives.

Checklist: What an IT Company SHOULD Be Doing

What an IT Company SHOULD Be Doing Gone are the days of managing your own information technology infrastructure. It’s the 21st-century and most businesses have far too much hardware, software, and other equipment to handle on their own. Nowadays, it’s no longer cost-efficient to hire an internal person or team to provide the support you […]

SMB Security Suite

Discover how GenIX can make sure your business IT security is rock-solid. Call in the local experts to learn more about our security suite for small to midsize businesses.

10 Quick Cyber Security Tips

10 Quick Cyber Security Tips

At Generation IX, we have a system in place that pushes out critical security updates to all workstations on a regular basis to our clients. Additionally, we also perform regular maintenance on all servers, making sure they are fully patched as well. We also have virus scanners on all workstations, mail filters, take regular backups […]

Data Storage and Backup Options

In this post, we explore where SMBs store company data. Click below to jump to a specific section or read along: Where is company data stored? What does a solid backup plan actually entail? Four Different Backup Solutions From Workstations to the Cloud: Three different data storage solutions for small and medium-sized businesses 1. Is […]

Architecture Network Infrastructure

Why do architecture and design firms need great IT support? They work with huge files Need to access files remotely Every project is a highly collaborative effort When designing a system, its important to know where the data flow bottlenecks are. Every item on the below map has the ability to be improved, but how […]

SMB Cloud Solutions

SMB Cloud Solutions My goal is to dive into cloud solutionsand put together an exhaustive guide for your small to medium size business. I feel that when it comes to articles about the cloud, they are geared to enterprise or fortune 500 companies. This article is written with the SMB in mind. The cloud can […]

In-House IT Administrator vs. Managed Service Provider

Managed Service Provider Are you debating between an in-house IT administrator vs. Managed Service Provider? Information technology has seen a lot of changes during the past few years. Many of these changes can be attributed to the rapidly evolving effects of cloud technology, as well as a huge shift in the way people store, share, […]