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Project Help

Generation IX Projects Support

Finding the best technology to make growing easier.

As your business grows or changes, so does technology. Generation IX Project Support will help you plan and implement large scale changes to your IT infrastructure.  

Running out of storage space ? Adding offices ? Need a scaleable backup solution ?  

Some of the projects that we can assist with include these and others such as:

  • Hardware upgrades (workstations rollouts, server rollouts)
  • Platform migrations and upgrades
  • Remote access for users (Citrix Metaframe, Windows Terminal Server, Mobile Devices)
  • Linking of remote offices (WAN, VPN, Wireless)
  • Storage solutions (SAN, NAS, direct attached)
  • Datacenter and construction consulting

These are the kinds of projects that companies face …and the kinds that we’ve been helping manage for years.

Our Project Support uses more than just our knowledge of technology.  It also utilizes our understanding of business and of people—what they need and want. Our unique crossover blend of experience in both business and technology allows us to understand your problems quickly and easily.  And develop cost-effective solutions that really work.

Project Support at work—a case study

A growing law firm had offices in five cities across California with 500 users. They needed to upgrade their Active Directory & Exchange systems.

They knew that they needed to find a company with the capabilities to help them plan, architect and manage this undertaking. After interviewing several companies they settled on Generation IX. Why?

“Because Generation IX didn’t come in here with a PowerPoint and show us a bunch of slides with logos of their partners and certifications….instead they sat down with us and got to know us, it’s that simple.  They asked us how we made money, who our important people were, what our history was and what we hoped to accomplish with our upgrade to help create our future.  And then they helped us do it.”

Why Generation IX Project Support works so well

Our goal isn’t to sell you something.

  • We’re technologists with business expertise.  We can read your situation, understand your goals, then design the optimum solutions for you. 
  • We give you choices, not sales pitches.  You get the pros and cons of each option along with our recommendation.
  • We have third-party objectivity.  With no equipment sales quotas or agendas to push, we’re free to recommend what’s best for your specific situation.
  • Our experience is broad and long.  It crosses industry and professional lines so chances are good that we’ve helped other companies with problems similar to yours.

When your company is facing growth or change, Generation IX Project Support and Regular/Recurring Support can make the transition as painless as possible.  As we promise our clients: rely on us and relax.



How We Help Techies

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